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Risto Kuulasmaa at the intersection of fantasy and reality

Photo: Rita Miklán

The fantasies of past decades are becoming reality today. So why should we be stuck on a negative reality and fantasy of failing?

Risto Kuulasmaa takes us on a journey through our own fantasies and challenges us to enter to playful fantasy. What kind of party would we set up for ourselves with one thousand euros? And with ten million euros for refugees in Helsinki?

After working as an television and online media executive at the Finnish Broadcasting company Yle, Risto is currently leading Tubecon, the biggest Youtuber convention event in Scandinavia.

Did you miss the November morning filled with flying fantasies, confetti – and cake? Watch full talk here.

November event is presented by Shutterstock. Theme FANTASY was chosen by Lima chapter and illustration was done by Hayden Davis.

Transparency about who we are could be the key for building trust

Our October speaker, author and journalist Hippo Taatila says the biggest lesson he’s learned is getting to know himself and recognizing his own cognitive processes. Transparence about one’s own processes could help us in our own projects as well as working with others. [Photo: Andrea Balogh]

Watch Hippo Taatila’s talk on transparency. 

October theme was chosen by our friends in the Cincinnati chapter. Transparent illustration by James Billiter.

Sparkling Sanna Mander dares us to dream

The theme of September is Magic and it is chosen by our Porto chapter.

Speaking in September is Sanna Mander.

Blessed with millions of ideas, Sanna walks us through her stunning illustrations, introduces power princesses and all the things that make her creative juices flow.

Sanna leaves us with an encouraging statement “Dare to dream and dare to be yourself”. See the full talk here.

August goes WEIRD

In August CreativeMornings explores the WEIRD. The theme was chosen by the CreativeMornings Austin chapter and illustrated by Will Bryant.

In Helsinki we will be joined by Marco Casagrande, an anarchist architect, who will to talk to us about urban architecture and the fine line between destruction and construction. A professional soldier turned architect Marco Casagrande has personal experience on how things can take intriguing turns when something man made turns into ruins and finally becomes a part of nature.

Marco’s works move between architecture and art embracing terms such as third generation cities and urban acupuncture. He is inspired by nature – also the human nature.

July's theme is LOVE

CreativeMornings/Helsinki will be having a summer break during July, but don’t despair… we’ll be back in August! Meanwhile, the rest of the CreativeMornings community will be pondering on the theme of love… What is love? Why don’t you find out how the other cities responded to the theme.

The theme was chosen by our Ljubljana chapter and illustrated by Lucy Engelman. This theme is presented globally by Wix. This month, 148 cities will participate in advancing our understanding of love by tapping into the richness of diversity in worldviews within our community.

It's June and REETA KRONER tells us about being BROKEN

Reeta Kroner is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. She has been clean and sober for 2,5 years. She was wondering how she could ever look anybody in the eye after the way she had treated herself and everybody around her. Asking for help took both courage and humbleness. But she realized that being honest and facing all the painful things she had done was the only way to start building a new life.

Here is the teaser of the talk:

Full talk can be found here.

May is all about REALITY with JAMIE MACDONALD

This month’s theme is REALITY. It was chosen by our CM friends all the way from Belo Horizonte, illustrated by the talented New York-based British Craig Ward and presented by our amazing global partner Shutterstock.

The speaker here in Helsinki will be JAMIE MACDONALD. He is a Canadian artist who’s been living in Finland for 14 years. He started in theatre, went to performance art, and is now doing stand-up comedy and games. To him REALITY is a social phenomenon: we’ve decided what is real together.


The event is on Friday 27th of May at Design Museum 8.30-10.00AM.


April and RISK

April brings along with it RISK as the global theme of CreativeMornings.

The event in Helsinki is held 8.30-10.00AM on Friday the 29th at Design Museum. Welcome all!

The theme was chosen by CreativeMornings/Munich and illustrated by the very talented Berlin-based Andreas Preis. The theme is presented by our amazing global partner FreshBooks.

Pekka Salokannel and CHANGE

Our this months speaker, Pekka Salokannel, is not only an amazing 3D pioneer but also a regular attendee of CreativeMornings/Helsinki.

Having inhabited the richly varied worlds or industrial design, education and the broader ‘maker’ community our clever speaker Pekka Salokannel knows a thing or two about these perpetually shifting sands. He opens interesting doors to us about the exponential nature of growth in this digital age and how change polarises populations. 

Come to Design Museum on Friday the 18th and hear Pekka explain why the only real constant we know is change. Maybe he’ll even share some tools to help us plot the ‘path to now’. It will be all about CHANGE. Welcome! 

Our global community keeps on growing

We at CreativeMornings/Helsinki are so proud to be part of the growing CreativeMornings family! 

Everyone is creative. Everyone is welcome.