Join us this month at The Whisky Bond on Friday 31st March as we present Taboo.

Taboos are a social glue that makes life liveable wherever we go.

We invent the reasonings that, over time, coalesce to create the societal fabric of norms, permissions, and prohibitions. Cutting the line at TSA or stealing from your neighbour is wrong, which makes a good status quo.

While many taboos keep the world spinning, there are many rusty ones that are delaying it from evolving. And although we’re hardwired to stand before the edge of taboo, there are others who have gone over it.

The theme was chosen by our Oslo chapter, was illustrated by David Stenmarck and is presented by our Global Partner MailChimp.

Don’t forget to visit our ‘Inbox of Forgotten E-mails’ for a window into the world of unsent messages, never reaching their intended audience, but still finding a reader.

From big & bad hair flips to working for VOGUE to surviving cancer, becoming a born again Christian and coming out (twice) our first CreativeMornings Glasgow speaker Tony Webster took us on a magical journey from Egypt to Glasgow which left us all inspired, emotional and above all feeling ruddy well creative.

We’ll be reliving the moment with Tony soon but for now here’s some of the highlights from his big & bad moments.

My first big moment, well my first moment that I remember is all of a blur, a black blur on a train, flashing lights through a tunnel and my own high pitched crying. My mum assures me I was about 6 months old at the time.

Fast forward to some other moments - a fake rangers kit in the hopes I would end up a star football player when in reality I was making dresses for my sisters barbies from my dads socks.

My first kiss was with a guy and a girl, and talk about confusing. coming out at 17, going back in at 18.

Becoming a born again Christian, moving to Los Angeles, living in an orphanage in Egypt, living in Bishkek for 3 years, finding out I had cancer, treatment in Germany, Colorado, Portland, Exeter and Belfast, coming to the realization that being gay wasn't my entire identity but a part of my identity, coming out for the SECOND time, being shunned by church, picking up a camera as a hobby, meeting a hot waiter in Beire Hall in Glasgow, moving back to Belfast, becoming parents to two little dogs, moving back to Glasgow and for the life of me this moment here where i offered to do this despite my fear of public speaking.

All of that is basically a long winded way to say; moments - a series of events, of memories, of experiences and emotions that shape who we are and where we go from here. And if you are anything like me I'm sure you ask your ask yourself frequently 'Where do I go from here?'

Another thing people talk about is the moment you know you've made it. For me, I had this goal to have a photo published on because I thought that said something about quality as a photographer. Their submissions are reviewed by fashion editors and I thought was a great way to measure your skill. After a few submissions I noticed that one was accepted. A year goes by, another accepted. Months go by, and accepted, accepted, accepted. At this point I was thrilled to see that people I admire and peers were looking at my work an saying yes, worth of - The fashion bible. Then I started to get more and more jobs that were a little bit bigger and eventually I was flying out to new York to shoot a designer for fashion week or shooting music videos for famous drag queens in LA. I was really starting to gather steam and felt like I was on a roll.

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