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Survival of Culture, Heritage & Creativity through Fashion & Textiles with Dr. Dan Coughlan

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June 30, 9:00am • Paisley Arts Centre • part of a series on Survival

Meet Hannah Read

She’s the boss-ass lady, running an equally boss-ass freeform radio station that's been bigging up creativity since 1995 with yep you guessed it a boss-ass team. Ahead of our #CMSerendipity event at The Art School we sat down with Subcity Radio’s Hannah Read for a quick fire round of questions to get to know our speaker.

1. What springs to mind when you think of the word serendipity? That it’s probably down to hard work by someone somewhere!

2. What have you got in ze pipes for 2017? My role as manager draws to a close soon (it’s a year long position), so I’m looking forward to committing myself to the aspects of radio that first drew me to it again and removing myself a little from the invoicing side of things, as well as being able to work more on my own radio shows + deejaying.

3. If you could sum up Glasgow in one word what would that be? Human

4. How do you see the relationship between radio & creative expression? Whilst most people’s experience of radio is generally through commercial channels, Subcity has shown me the undeniable chance for creativity that radio offers. Many (but not all) of the shows on Subcity feature people mixing on air, and in the case of people who usually mix in a club environment, radio is a lot more freeing and left field. People take more chances and have the space to incorporate different music and techniques than they would otherwise get the opportunity to.

5. Lastly chocolate digestive or shortbread? Shortbread

Come hear Hannah speak this Friday 26th May and grab your tickets here.

Welcome to the CreativeMornings Glasgow Team Renée

We’ve been mega busy at #CMGlasgow HQ… from visiting some pretty dope creative studios to working on projects, planning the next few events & whipping our event management admin skills into shape (ok we confess that’s just our Sophie on that last one). However one of the things we’ve really been getting down with is growing our wee team.

So it gives us great joy to introduce our new Instagram Social Media Manager Renée Gorman (hey girl).

She was a regular at CreativeMornings in her hometown of Charlotte, USA and it’s awesome that she’s now found a slice of that CreativeMornings magic over here in Glasgow.

Boy & gals give it up for Renée!

1. Welcome to the CreativeMornings Glasgow family, tell us a little bit about yourself? My name is Renée Gorman and I'm from Charlotte, North Carolina. But now I call Glasgow home. Currently, I am studying for my MSc in Media Management from the University of Glasgow. In my free time, you can find me exploring the city and surrounding areas. I live for adventure and caffeine. I am feminist. Always trying to learn more. I’m massively into weight lifting (you can catch me at the Uni gym!). I am always searching for the perfect pint. I am self-proclaimed badass. Lucky for me, Glasgow has all I ever wanted in a city. 

2. What’s one of your favourite hidden spots in Glasgow? This is such a hard question as I am still searching for hidden gems in Glasgow. But, if I had to choose I definitely would say, Kelvingrove Park. I found my perfect tree to sit under and read a good book, weather permitting!  I am still searching for the best brunch and coffee spots!  

3. What would be your dream creative project? I have to say working with CreativeMornings is a dream. But, I would LOVE to work with a social media company or for myself (#bosslady) while traveling. There is so much to explore, and so many stories to tell and I would love to do it on the road.

4. If you could sum up Glasgow in one word what would it be? ADVENTURE! Glasgow for me is a dream come true. A massive, marvellous, magical, adventure. And I believe, that for anyone who lives here or visits, Glasgow provides so many opportunities for adventure.

5. Lastly, Instagram or Snapchat? Instagram for the win

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CreativeMornings Glasgow x Foodbanks

Say hello to our Barry Da Burrito our wee lovechild who’s been brought to life by Russ Kyle in our bid to help Glasgow food banks using some ‘Creativity for Good’.

With a national shortage of food in the UK hitting Glasgow’s North West branch a conversation on Twitter led to us thinking about ways we could help support and of course one of the easiest ways is by all you lovely creative folk bringing some items to our mornings which we can then arrange to be collected by the food banks.

It’s an idea from our hearts and we hope with all our creative minds we can come up with some really cool ways to help Barry raise awareness, funds & donations for Glasgow’s food banks.

We love you ruddy amazing lot.

To find out what items are needed most head to their website and we’ll see you all at the last Friday of every month.

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He's taking us beyond streetart on Friday and he's the sign painter dude that works in THAT listed building on West Regent Street but who's the man behind the signs? Read on as we fire five quick questions at Ciaran Globel.

1. What springs to mind when you think of the word beyond? The word Beyond makes me think of the phrase “to go above & beyond…”, the idea that you could tick all the boxes on a job but you choose to put in that extra bit of time and effort to turn an acceptable outcome into an amazing one.

2. What have you got in ze pipes for 2017? I’m excited for summer 2017. Just started the planning of a group exhibition and drawing up some ideas for a few fun murals in-between commercial jobs. Also looking forward to my 2nd year of hosting a workshop at the Graphic Design Festival Scotland.

3. If you could sum up Glasgow in one word what would that be? Developing

4. How do you see the relationship between streetart and sign painting? The principles and practice of signpainting are almost identical to street art, the only difference is permission and monetary gain.

5. Lastly, chai or lassi? Black Coffee, no sugar

Tickets are still available for Ciaran's talk on Friday so grab them while they're hot.

Tell a love story with your denim on Friday as Glasgow based artist & illustrator Alice Dansey-Wright hand paints these exclusive designs onto your pre-loved denim for a suggested donation of £5 for Glasgow based award winning upcycling project

Photographer | Ciorstaidh Monk

Ahead of our April CreativeMornings Glasgow breakfast we catch up with artist & Illustrator Alice Dansey-Wright who’s designed two prints that you can have painted onto your denim on the day for Fashion Revolution. In exchange for a suggested donation of £5 in support of award winning Glasgow upcycling project Rags to Riches.

1. What comes to mind when you thought of beyond?

I took it to mean beyond the sky, beyond Earth: stars, space, galaxies and the unknown! This is reflected in the motifs that I’ve designed for the Fashion Revolution garments.

2. If you could sum up Glasgow in one word what would that be?


3. Tell us a little bit about your creative practise?

I took an 8 year break after graduating before returning to my creative practice. I did a fine art degree but realised that I really loved design and saw it as a way to turn my creativity in to a business, which I’ve done- slowly but surely since 2011.

4. What’s one tip you’d give to a new creative for going beyond any limits they’ve faced with their work?

I would say that when you feel like you’ve hit a wall or if you have a problem finishing a piece of work or a project there is usually always a creative solution to turn things around. It’s helpful to collaborate with another person generally but also to bring in friends, family and peers to offer ideas and solutions!

5. Lastly pakora or samosa?

Love both, but I’d say Samosa.

Book your place here.

Ooh get involved.

For this month’s CreativeMornings Glasgow Beyond event the lovely peeps at TukTuk have fresh mango lassis awaiting us.

So keep your eyes peeled and sign up to our Beyond events to snap up your place.

A huge thank you to everyone who came to our March CreativeMornings events around the Taboo of mental health in creativity.

It was an open & honest discussion with many of us sharing our own personal experiences of mental health and the creative work we produce.

Hugh McCue of Theatre Nemo was an inspiring speaker who broadened all of our understandings on how creativity helps tackle this taboo.

We’ll be sharing more quotes from the event over on our Instagram page so be sure to follow us at @cm_glasgow.

Join us this month at The Whisky Bond on Friday 31st March as we present Taboo.

Taboos are a social glue that makes life liveable wherever we go.

We invent the reasonings that, over time, coalesce to create the societal fabric of norms, permissions, and prohibitions. Cutting the line at TSA or stealing from your neighbour is wrong, which makes a good status quo.

While many taboos keep the world spinning, there are many rusty ones that are delaying it from evolving. And although we’re hardwired to stand before the edge of taboo, there are others who have gone over it.

The theme was chosen by our Oslo chapter, was illustrated by David Stenmarck and is presented by our Global Partner MailChimp.

Don’t forget to visit our ‘Inbox of Forgotten E-mails’ for a window into the world of unsent messages, never reaching their intended audience, but still finding a reader.

From big & bad hair flips to working for VOGUE to surviving cancer, becoming a born again Christian and coming out (twice) our first CreativeMornings Glasgow speaker Tony Webster took us on a magical journey from Egypt to Glasgow which left us all inspired, emotional and above all feeling ruddy well creative.

We’ll be reliving the moment with Tony soon but for now here’s some of the highlights from his big & bad moments.

My first big moment, well my first moment that I remember is all of a blur, a black blur on a train, flashing lights through a tunnel and my own high pitched crying. My mum assures me I was about 6 months old at the time.

Fast forward to some other moments - a fake rangers kit in the hopes I would end up a star football player when in reality I was making dresses for my sisters barbies from my dads socks.

My first kiss was with a guy and a girl, and talk about confusing. coming out at 17, going back in at 18.

Becoming a born again Christian, moving to Los Angeles, living in an orphanage in Egypt, living in Bishkek for 3 years, finding out I had cancer, treatment in Germany, Colorado, Portland, Exeter and Belfast, coming to the realization that being gay wasn't my entire identity but a part of my identity, coming out for the SECOND time, being shunned by church, picking up a camera as a hobby, meeting a hot waiter in Beire Hall in Glasgow, moving back to Belfast, becoming parents to two little dogs, moving back to Glasgow and for the life of me this moment here where i offered to do this despite my fear of public speaking.

All of that is basically a long winded way to say; moments - a series of events, of memories, of experiences and emotions that shape who we are and where we go from here. And if you are anything like me I'm sure you ask your ask yourself frequently 'Where do I go from here?'

Another thing people talk about is the moment you know you've made it. For me, I had this goal to have a photo published on because I thought that said something about quality as a photographer. Their submissions are reviewed by fashion editors and I thought was a great way to measure your skill. After a few submissions I noticed that one was accepted. A year goes by, another accepted. Months go by, and accepted, accepted, accepted. At this point I was thrilled to see that people I admire and peers were looking at my work an saying yes, worth of - The fashion bible. Then I started to get more and more jobs that were a little bit bigger and eventually I was flying out to new York to shoot a designer for fashion week or shooting music videos for famous drag queens in LA. I was really starting to gather steam and felt like I was on a roll.