Meet Our March ‘Courage’ Speaker

Ahead of our official hello to spring dance, yep that’s totally a thing, we catch up with our far out speaker for the month. Say hello to local Glasgow girl and all round creative superstar Lynsay Loves as we fire five quick questions her way.

1. What does the word courage mean to you? 

Having enough faith in yourself and your own abilities to live the life you were supposed to live.

 2. Heroes are often depicted as out of this world characters but how does every day life call for courage? 

Pushing ourselves out of that comfort zone and challenging the status quo calls for us to be courageous in our day-to-day. When we have ideas and put them out into the world to live and grow we need to be able to say “yes I can” - that takes courage, conviction and self-belief. 

 3. Any phobias? 

Walking over bridges with water under them - I can’t swim and I do a hilarious power walk if I have to go over the Squinty Bridge in Glasgow!

 4. It’s a toughie but Tunnocks Tea Cakes or Caramel Wafers?

 Tea Cakes - dark chocolate if possible and ALWAYS kept in the fridge :).

 5. If you could sum up Glasgow in one word what would it be? 


Thanks for the awesomeness Lynsay and we here there are a few shiny tickets left for this Friday’s CreativeMornings Glasgow event at The Art School. Grab ‘em while you can and see you there.

Death has inspired humanity since time immemorial, influencing ideologies and storytelling to our understanding of life and how we live it. To our ancient ancestors, the fear of death was a palpable and daily motivator. Although our world is infinitely safer than it was centuries ago, we are still driven by the fear of death and we expertly attribute it to even the smallest events: traffic, deadlines, a mistake, public speaking, your boss’s name on your caller ID on a Saturday. What we have done well as a species is leverage the fear of death to inspire achievements that seemed impossible, to create work that needed to be made, and to discover insights that help us live well.This month’s global exploration of Death was chosen by our Miami chapter and illustrated by 2016 Adobe Creative Resident Syd Weiler. Thank you to our global partners — Adobe, MailChimp,, and Shutterstock — for their support.

A wee drum roll please…

We are delighted to announce that as London Fashion Week kicks off we’ll be bringing the fashion party to Glasgow with our own little twist on contemporary fashion as we launch our collaboration with Oxfam Scotland. Designed to help spread the good word about recycling and sustainable futures we’ll be hosting a series of events, exhibitions and general goodness.

Kicking off in September, in celebration of our latest global theme ‘Compassion’, Glasgow based illustrator and artist Alice Dansey-Wright will be painting the windows of the Byres Road and Milngavie Oxfam stores before hosting an upcycling workshop in each shop on Thursday 24th. With denim becoming of the very essence of our daily lives she’ll also be offering discounted hand painting on denim items bought in both shops until 31st October 2017.

The baton will then be passed to award winning Scottish blogger Ruth MacGlip as she styles outfits direct from Oxfam Scotland stores and takes part in discussions on how ethical fashion can help as all show compassion.

The series of events will conclude with a week long exhibition with fashion & textiles students from the Glasgow School of Art and independent fashion brands to showcase some of the best design talent in Glasgow via the medium of repurposing old denim.

If you’d like to be involved drop us a line at and keep your eyes peeled for more additions over the next six weeks.

Compassion is a pause button that reminds us of a fundamental truth: we’re all stumbling and nobody has it figured out.

The best part about compassion is that it’s a learned trait—unlike your height or eye color—and the more we practice accepting others the sooner the easier it becomes to accept ourselves.

When this is at the forefront of our minds, we give people a chance to show up and be seen. When in doubt, the answer is compassion.

This month’s global exploration of Compassion is presented by Shutterstock. The theme was chosen by our Helsinki chapter and illustrated by Sami Viljanto.

Meet August's Speaker

It’s time to meet our August speaker Craig Black who will be taking on the theme of ‘Genius’, and of course we couldn’t wait to fire five quick questions his way ahead of his talk where his GRIST exhibition will be making another very welcome appearance.

1. What does ‘Genius’ mean to you?

To me, 'Genius’ is the ability to maximize every opportunity you have. It’s going over and above what is expected of you rather than accepting what is thought to be the norm. It’s about finding the best and most efficient ways to achieve things. It’s maximizing your resources and utilising your time to hone your craft. It’s about being creative with problem solving and finding outlets that can produce productivity. Successful creative people define goals for themselves. They are focused, passionate and persistent. They have a spirit of curiosity and a willingness to ask questions, test ideas, and try new things without the fear of failure.

2. If you could sum up Glasgow in one word what would it be?


3. What have you got in ze pipe for the rest of 2017?

I am involved in various exhibitions for the rest of this year creating typographic installations. I’ll be continuing to experiment with different mediums and build on the exciting partnership with Thirst Craft.

4. What piece of work really helped define your career so far?

This is a tough one to choose as several of my projects have created opportunities in a weird and exciting way. However, if I had to choose one, it would be my very first commission by Slick’s Barbershop, which consisted of branding work and typographic mural designs splashed across the whole shop.

5. Lastly, Tunnocks Tea Cakes or Caramel Wafers?

Tunnocks Tea Cake (but if there were any spare Caramel Wafers, I would take one of them too!!)

Catch Craig at our August CreativeMornings event at The Lighthouse (tickets live from Friday 18th August). 

A huge thank you to everyone who made it down to our July event at Glasgow Women’s Library and the pics are all up for your viewing pleasure over on our Flickr.

Meet July’s Speaker

Heading up the ‘In Her Shoes’ project at Glasgow Women’s Library, Rachel Thain-Gray is a woman out to fight for equal rights for women in culture, creativity and society. A mission that resonates with all who value equal and fair access for all, we took some time out to fire five quick questions Rachel’s way ahead of what’s sure to be a pretty awesome talk this month.

1. What does equality mean to you?
Everything!! It’s my raison d'être because it’s the right thing to fight for - now more than ever!

2. What have you got in ze pipeline for 2017?
During 2017 we’ll be further developing and delivering our innovative ‘Equality in Progress’ training programme for cultural organisations. It builds on GWL’s feminist activist approach and we’ll be developing qualitative evidence that positions women with protected characteristics as experts and problem solvers by supporting them to critically analyse cultural access.

3. If you could sum up Glasgow in one word what would it be?

4. What value can creativity or the creative process add to equality?
A creative feminist approach challenges the ‘passive, paternalistic benevolence’ of the cultural offer to communities and the hierarchy of knowledge and expertise. This places women at the centre of interventions to positively influence the usefulness and relevance of museum in their lives.

5. Lastly Tunnocks Teacakes or Caramel Wafers?
Caramel Wafers! Lovely, chocolaty, chewy! Yum.

Set your reminders and join us on Friday 28th July as Rachel shares a culturally rich talk on equality.

Proudly Presenting Equality & Adobe

We imagine a world where we’re seen and heard, respected and valued, not for our appearance and privilege, but for our work and character. A world where anyone, anywhere, has equal access to opportunities and resources to become the person they dream about. The formula for equality is a work in progress, and this work is not done from the few with power but rather through the power of community.

Equality is harmony. Harmony isn’t achieved through one instrument; it’s a collaboration, a symphony of sounds that adds richness and texture to the bigger picture. The pursuit of equality is a long-term game, an unraveling of outdated processes that no longer serves the future we imagine or deserve.

This month’s global exploration of Equality is chosen by our Johannesburg chapter, illustrated by Katt Phatlane, and presented by… Adobe! Yes, you read that correctly.

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re partnering with Adobe to stretch our collective mission in connecting and empowering creative communities around the world.  

With Adobe’s indispensable tools and decades of experience in enabling creatives to bring their ideas to life, along with CreativeMornings’ unwavering commitment to unite and inspire cities with face-to-face connections, we’re honored to be partnering with another company that is eager to champion the future of creativity and add fuel to the engine of generosity. Read more about it!

Meet May's Speaker

She’s the boss-ass lady, running an equally boss-ass freeform radio station that's been bigging up creativity since 1995 with yep you guessed it a boss-ass team. Ahead of our #CMSerendipity event at The Art School we sat down with Subcity Radio’s Hannah Read for a quick fire round of questions to get to know our speaker.

1. What springs to mind when you think of the word serendipity? That it’s probably down to hard work by someone somewhere!

2. What have you got in ze pipes for 2017? My role as manager draws to a close soon (it’s a year long position), so I’m looking forward to committing myself to the aspects of radio that first drew me to it again and removing myself a little from the invoicing side of things, as well as being able to work more on my own radio shows + deejaying.

3. If you could sum up Glasgow in one word what would that be? Human

4. How do you see the relationship between radio & creative expression? Whilst most people’s experience of radio is generally through commercial channels, Subcity has shown me the undeniable chance for creativity that radio offers. Many (but not all) of the shows on Subcity feature people mixing on air, and in the case of people who usually mix in a club environment, radio is a lot more freeing and left field. People take more chances and have the space to incorporate different music and techniques than they would otherwise get the opportunity to.

5. Lastly chocolate digestive or shortbread? Shortbread

Come hear Hannah speak this Friday 26th May and grab your tickets here.

Welcome to the CreativeMornings Glasgow Team Renée

We’ve been mega busy at #CMGlasgow HQ… from visiting some pretty dope creative studios to working on projects, planning the next few events & whipping our event management admin skills into shape (ok we confess that’s just our Sophie on that last one). However one of the things we’ve really been getting down with is growing our wee team.

So it gives us great joy to introduce our new Instagram Social Media Manager Renée Gorman (hey girl).

She was a regular at CreativeMornings in her hometown of Charlotte, USA and it’s awesome that she’s now found a slice of that CreativeMornings magic over here in Glasgow.

Boy & gals give it up for Renée!

1. Welcome to the CreativeMornings Glasgow family, tell us a little bit about yourself? My name is Renée Gorman and I'm from Charlotte, North Carolina. But now I call Glasgow home. Currently, I am studying for my MSc in Media Management from the University of Glasgow. In my free time, you can find me exploring the city and surrounding areas. I live for adventure and caffeine. I am feminist. Always trying to learn more. I’m massively into weight lifting (you can catch me at the Uni gym!). I am always searching for the perfect pint. I am self-proclaimed badass. Lucky for me, Glasgow has all I ever wanted in a city. 

2. What’s one of your favourite hidden spots in Glasgow? This is such a hard question as I am still searching for hidden gems in Glasgow. But, if I had to choose I definitely would say, Kelvingrove Park. I found my perfect tree to sit under and read a good book, weather permitting!  I am still searching for the best brunch and coffee spots!  

3. What would be your dream creative project? I have to say working with CreativeMornings is a dream. But, I would LOVE to work with a social media company or for myself (#bosslady) while traveling. There is so much to explore, and so many stories to tell and I would love to do it on the road.

4. If you could sum up Glasgow in one word what would it be? ADVENTURE! Glasgow for me is a dream come true. A massive, marvellous, magical, adventure. And I believe, that for anyone who lives here or visits, Glasgow provides so many opportunities for adventure.

5. Lastly, Instagram or Snapchat? Instagram for the win

Follow Renee on Instagram & Twitter