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Andrew Thomas, the digital Jedi, will be joining us for a wild ride along the digital highway.

Part hitchhikers guide to the internet and part Muskrat Love by the Carpenters get ready to dance to a new beat or at the least wonder why you aren’t.

Thursday, 8am!


 See you Thursday!

By Haeley Ahn

Photo by André Rijo.

On December 8th, CreativeMornings Dubai combined the November and December themes — Fantasy and Sound — to feature three speakers: Arafaat Ali Khan, Joshua F. Williams, and Abbo.

Arafaat is the Director of Communications at The Alliance, a public events and exhibitions company. In his presentation, he talked about his experience with co-founding the Comic Con in the Middle East. According to Arafaat, the idea for Comic Con in the Middle East first came up in a playful conversation between him and his friends. Soon, he began pitching his ideas to potential investors, but unfortunately he had to host the first Comic Con in 2012 with no sponsors. However, the event was a huge success and attracted around 15,000 people — looking back, Arafaat thinks he took a risk that was definitely worth it. Arafaat is motivated by a desire to make other people’s dreams become a reality; to many, Comic Con is a method of escape, from their daily lives into a realm of fantasy.

Joshua F. Williams is a record producer/recording engineer and Abbo is a singer and songwriter. The duo talked about establishing the local music community into what it is today. At first, they relate that it was very difficult to find any music scene whatsoever in Dubai. Although there were many talented, promising musicians, there lacked a community for these artists to interact or advertise themselves within. The duo’s initial goal was to make albums to showcase regional talent. Thanks to their efforts, the underground music scene in Dubai has grown exponentially, to the extent that many new companies have arose, making Dubai an attractive site for rookie musicians. Currently, the two have moved on to focusing on fostering the raw talent of younger, teenage musicians.

December was a double header in Dubai as we brought together 2 themes.

In 1 word WOW. 

Photos were by our newest photographer, André Rijo.

By Haeley Ahn

Dubai, On October 27th—Steve Raymer spoke on the theme of Transparency. Photojournalist, author, and educator, Raymer is a long-time National Geographic Magazine staff photographer and a professor emeritus of journalism at the Media School of Indiana University. Currently, he is a visiting professor of Journalism at Zayed University School of Communication and Media Science in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Raymer focused his presentation on the dilemmas surrounding journalism, and expressed his desire to explore with utmost honesty what journalists did right and what they did wrong. He described that photojournalists are often conflicted between professional and personal values, sometimes accused by the public of using people as a means to an end. To combat this, Raymer tries to bring an intimacy to his works to achieve a greater social good.

To exemplify his beliefs, Raymer showcased photos that he had taken in various places around the world — Burma, Eritrea, Cambodia, the Sahara Desert, Jakarta, etc. — and explained their backgrounds. The overall idea was that photography has three main roles: to be society’s professional eye-witness, to expose social evils, and to show the commonality amongst all people. Raymer concluded that a photojournalist has to be able to detach themselves to do their job, but not enough to lose their humanity.

Through his talk, Raymer shed light on the process of photography and its often controversial role in communication. Ultimately, though, he concluded that photography takes readers and viewers to places where they can’t go themselves, and builds intimacy among people all across the world.

We are going to be talking about how things are not always what they seem.

And we are at our new venue In5.

Jamil Abu-Wardeh on March 24th

Jamil’s career started in London and continues in Dubai, using technology to deliver quality media production and partnerships to help businesses grow. Jamil creates strategy alternatives, market plans and media content for print, television, web and stage. 


Projects span the MENA region and Europe with links to the U.S.A and Asia. Clients have included Google/ Youtube, STARZPLAY.com, Discovery Networks International, the Executive Council of the Government of Dubai. Also The Korean Tourism Board, Dubizzle.com and consultancy A.T. Kearney. 

This month’s breakfast lecture is on the 4th Thursday of the month.

Brace yourself, this month could change everything! 

Tickets and the speaker announcement are coming.