We all have an inner muse, be brave and listen to it.

Shaikha took us on a wild and emotional journey. Never backing down from a fight or being different Shaikha shares with is how she tapped her inner muse to find professional and personal happiness.

About the speaker

Shaikha is a CrossFit athlete who started her journey in 2013 with a growing passion to change her lifestyle.

In 2016 Shaikha took a backseat from competing to open a gym, Platform Fitness Gym, which is the first Ladies only affiliated gym in the country. Platform’s goal is to educate, coach and inspire women about health and fitness. Platform is also hosts many Ladies only workshops, seminars, and competitions across the year to support women.

“My aim isn’t solely to compete to the podium, my aim is to inspire Arab women along the journey that is my race to a podium finish. My mission is to change the UAE fitness movement, increase the awareness, encourage more women and men, to get stronger and fitter for life, and to make a change for future generations.”

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