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So, the Baltimore Convention Center is quite the space. 

It’s pretty big.

So where exactly are we going to have this awesome talk, Friday?

Glad you asked!

This is a map of where we’ll be. The BIG RED STAR is where you’ll find CM check-in! The Baltimore Convention Center is on BOTH sides of Sharp Street. The entrance for CM and the American Craft Council Show is the Otterbein entrance, right across from the Old Otterbein Methodist Church!

You can’t miss it!


There are several garages in the area where you can park. As we mentioned, the entrance for the event will be the Otterbein Entrance of the Convention Center, which is on Sharp Street between Pratt and Conway. The closest garages to park in will be the SHERATON and HYATT hotel garages and then you can walk down Conway to the entrance. But hey, if you find any street parking…PROPS!

Excited to see you at CreativeMornings/Baltimore at the American Craft Council!

WHAT’S NEW! We’re so excited to launch an awesome movement with the help of our friends at Pixilated! CreativeMornings is all about engaging with the many talented creatives, like you, that transcends industries. As we gather in a physical space once a month, the conversations & connections don’t have to stop there. With our online community, we can still interact—and it all starts with a picture. So, let’s officially get acquainted.

Your CMBAL ProPic can help make our community even more personal and energizing. Here’s how - Add your ProPic to your CMBAL profile! Share it on Instagram & tag it with @Baltimore_CM. Add #IAmCMBAL to help others in our creative community recognize you and find you.Hey, you can even use your fresh CMBAL ProPic on the other social channels you use - Like!Help spread the message that CreativeMornings/Baltimore is here - connecting the creative community, sharing ideas, and inspiring the city we love.

What a Friday, right?!

Special thanks to Katie Boyts for spending her last Friday in the States with us. Safe travels on your new adventure!

Thank you to Center Stage for hosting, Dooby’s and B Doughnut for the breakfast. The Baltimore Museum of Art as our fall fiscal sponsor. Maryland Art Place, ShineCreative.tv, Strangers With Style, John Davis Photographyand Zerflin… LOVE. To all of our volunteers, thank you!

And to you all for making us a part of your Friday morning. HUZZAH.

Check out the photos from Friday’s TIME talk, taken by the awesome John Davis. https://flic.kr/s/aHsknbqTwi

“Baltimore is a YES city.”

CreativeMornings/Baltimore chapter founder Katie Boyts is off to new adventures in Australia. But, before she goes, she chatted with Strangers With Style’s Olivia Obineme -who happens to be the new host of CMBal, for the latest #5QsWith.

Read on…

Photos by Kelvin Buluck

“I love the work that I do more than myself,” Ober exclaimed. “I am a maker and a do-er.”

BmoreArt Founding Editor In Chief Cara Ober and Friday’s speaker, Cara Ober, chatted with our partners Strangers With Style, in its latest ‪#‎5QsWith‬. Want to see more? Snag those tickets while they last - don’t miss this talk on WORK! (Photography by Kelvin Bulluck)

“I think I have been very careful to grow up but not to grow old, and fulfill that need to create artistically.” Baltimore horror filmmaker and this Friday’s speaker, Chris LaMartina, chats with our partners Strangers With Style, in its latest ‪#‎5QsWith‬. Check it out! And if you still haven’t snagged those tickets, there’s still some left, so grab ‘em while they last!

We didn’t celebrate our 1 Year so we’re compensating with a huge 2 Year Birthday Bash! Two years = 24 Friday mornings, 24 speakers, 1,728 cookies and muffins, 240 gallons of coffee, thousands of name tags. Save the Date: FRIDAY OCTOBER 23rd, the same night as the SHOCK talk.
We start dancing at 7PM (Katie, probably long before then with her robot moves). Hosted at John Davis’s Photography Studio:
3500 Parkdale Avenue, 2nd Floor, Suite R, 21211
near Clipper Mill.(Enter at the loading dock to the left of the blue doors.)
And… We’ll be featuring the work of photographer John Davis, who has captured our many speakers in his CreativeMornings/Baltimore Portrait Series. EVERYONE is invited. Seriously. Bring your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, rando on the street who looks like he can party… all the peoples. We want to party. We want to dance. We want to celebrate with our amazing Baltimore community. More details to come…

Hello Friends!Katie Boyts here, your CreativeMornings/Baltimore host. So crazy… This month marks our chapter’s 2 year anniversary! It’s wild to think that 24 events ago, I nervously gulped down a cup of coffee, hesitantly grabbed a mic and greeted this community for the first time. I was amazed at how welcoming and energetic you all were. Even more wild is to think how much it’s grown and evolved. A thriving thing never stops changing, never stops learning…
With that idea in mind, I wanted to write this note and let you all know that I’ll be passing the mic and handing over the hosting duties of this glorious endeavor. Our October 23rd event will be my last month as your host.

Not to get too sentimental and gushy but… Sheesh… My heart is bursting! Thank you, to each and every one, thank you for helping to create this thing. It has been a rare privilege to see Baltimore from this angle. I hope you see it too - the breadth and depth of this community’s talent, your impressive motivation and fierce willpower. It is all so vividly clear from the stage, and I’m grateful for your willingness to share it. The speakers, our crew, the team of volunteers, and you… Every month I am in awe of the energy and generosity poured out. Thank you thank you thank you. So you may be asking, “What’s next?” Fair question. Here’s the deal… Alexis Green and Olivia Obineme (right photo) will be taking over as co-hosts! They’ve been on our core team from the earliest stages of CMBal and have been working their asses off behind the scenes. I’m thrilled they’ve agreed to take the reins in their capable and creative hands.As for me, look alive for my continued work with the storytellers of Shine Creative, food writing with BmoreArt and my home baking projects. I’ve got a couple more projects up my sleeve and some big travel plans for the winter. Let the adventures continue!  

Obviously this month is a special month for me… We’re turning 2! And we have some awesome announcements we’ll shout out over the new couple of days… Our morning event on the 23rd and our Anniversary Party that night! I hope you all can make it so I can hug you and dance with you and throw up more than a few cheers. You all are the best. Seriously, the best.

Hugs and high-fives,