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Welcome to June! A new month means a new CreativeMornings! Mark your calendars with a big ole’ sharpie because June is bringing something special. Remember that time last month when we switched themes on you and the rest of the world? You’ll see the rest of CreativeMornings folk around the globe celebrating the REVOLUTION theme, but this month Baltimore will be geeking out on #ROBOTS. 

We’re bringing on the husband and wife team Terry & Belinda Kilby behind the aerial photography project, Elevated Element to the stage at Baltimore School for the Arts. Merging Terry’s love and expertise of robots and remote-controlled gadgets and Belinda’s background in fine arts, they’ve created a dynamic form of photography you won’t want to miss. 

Using the latest in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV’s) technology, they are able to put cameras in places that have not been possible till now. The ability to position a camera anywhere from 4 to 400 feet off of the ground remotely allows Terry & Belinda to capture 100% original shots that have never been captured before, ever.

Sound cool? Yeah, we know. FREE tickets go live on June 15th.
By the way, we don’t want to spoil any surprises, but bring your dancin’ shoes…just in case. 

Baltimore School for the Arts - In the Ballroom
712 Cathedral Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21201Date/Time:
Friday, June 19th

BONUS ROUND! We finally have a not-so-early Creative Mornings offering. We’re teaming up with Bmore Art and Union Craft Brewing for a Happy Hour that Friday night at 5pm. Join us for beers and more robot talk when we’re all finally a bit more awake! Bonus bonus… Terry and Belinda (and probably their sweet action camera) will be joining us as well! 1700 Union Ave. 

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Strangers with Style
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Check out the Strangers With Style interview with Friday’s speaker Devin Allen in their series “5Qs With”!

In a chat with Olivia Obineme of SWS, Devin gives us a sneak peak to his work, world and what we can expect for Friday! 

Photography by the crazy-talented Kel B Pics Photography

In response to what’s been happening in our community this past week, we have the privilege of having Devin Allen, photographer and West Baltimore resident as speaker for the 15th.

You may have seen his Time cover or read his story.

You may also have seen him on Instagram as @bydvnlln.

We are beyond thrilled to hear the reflections, stories and perspectives from someone who’s not only been involved but who’s life has been changed by these events.

Join us next Friday, May 15th, at Center Stage for, what undoubtedly will be, an unforgettable talk. Tickets go on sale next Monday.

Photo cred: @gypsybruja, Time, and @bydvnlln

Hey there,

Katie here, your monthly breakfast host. Hope this finds you each well and safe.

I wanted to briefly share with you what we’ve been working on in response to what’s happening in our community this week…

We’ve had the privilege of teaming up with the tech-savvy organizer from Creative Mornings Boston, Keith Frankel to create a place where we as a community can tell our own story about what’s happening in our city. Not simply act as observers, but as creators. Not simply be consumers, but also authors.

So (drumroll please)… Meet Proof of Hope (POH), a website where you can post photos, videos, and stories that portray ALL sides of the events, not just the ugly and violent. A site where people can act as agents of their own community’s narrative.

A protest by its very nature is a gesture that those protesting have not lost hope. They’re hoping that by coming together and demonstrating a unified front, change can be catalyzed.

We would love if you posted your photos and stories at POH.

(I know that for some of you it is literally your job to be documenting these events and for that we THANK YOU. We’d be especially honored by your contributions)

We would especially LOVE if you each shared this link with your own friends, fans, and followers. Tweet, post, tag, you know the drill. Be Creative. Be Creators.

Thank you so much and my love to you all. 

Best, Katie

Photo cred: @bydvnlln

Truth, Seth Godin. A great way to think about #HUMILITY as creatives and get us in gear for FRIDAY’s talk with Greenspan at Maryland Art Place! Have you registered for your FREE ticket yet? We hear they’re almost gone! Hope to see you bright and early!

Psst…you can read more about Seth Godin’s perspective on HUMILITY, here: http://bit.ly/LAVhCt

It’s baaaaack! Another round of #‎30SecondPitches‬ means another chance for you to tell a live audience about an idea you’ve been brewing, a cool side project, or maybe a job alert. Want to take the stage and share on the 17th? Email us at baltimore@creativemornings.com to submit your idea. 

You have until Wednesday, April 15th at 5PM. Two lucky applicants will take the stage at Maryland Art Place. Good luck! 

JOIN US on April 17th for a talk on HUMILITY by #Baltimore musician GREENSPAN, one of the most sought after Hip Hop performers in the Mid-Atlantic region.

This month, we’re at the Maryland Art Place. Doors open at 8:30am and as always Dooby’s will be providing your caffeine and eats. 

Set your alarms for Monday April 13th, tickets go live at 10am. 

Photo cred: Andrew Mangum Photography