Hey Hey! Im a Maryland native, Music lover, Music curator and cartoon fan whose is interested in getting to know you! I am the Baltimore chapter's Music Curator, which......I'm always excited about every month. I've been singing and performing for over 13 years and have done projects with some of your Baltimore favorites such as Greenspan & DDM. I work for major companies such as Live Nation as a touring vip representative. I've travelled the country (and some of the world) with acts like Janet Jackson, Kanye West, Slipknot, Chris Brown and Stone Sour. I keep my days musical and fun. So, with that comes a podcast!, which is titled "The Ashley Alexander Show" on Soundcloud.

branding, marketing, screenwriting, website design, photoshop

"First things first, second things never"

Probably my aunt. She toured with the Eagles for years. She was the one who literally showed me that a little brown girl from Laurel, MD can travel the world and live how you want to.

hmmmm. definitely my odd music, film and pop culture facts lol

Ethnomusicologist. .....or Professional jean tester

music based things

how to read sheet music or how to write a song

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