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Illustrator and graphic recorder Jimmy Patch will be joining us at our September for a live graphic recording of Ben Chiu’s talk on Compassion! #cmbne #cmcompassion

This month’s event - Compassion with Ben Chiu will be held at the iconic Metro Arts Brisbane. It’s conveniently located just a hop, skip and a jump down some stairs from Ben’s record store, A Love Supreme. Metro Arts is developing the future of Australian contemporary arts practice, now.Championing all contemporary art forms, the two core activities of the organisation are developing and co-presenting contemporary arts.Within five stories of a heritage building in the heart of the Brisbane CBD, there are artists taking risks, creating, developing, experimenting, and presenting ambitious contemporary art. In addition to the artistic program Metro Arts supports the wider artistic community with low cost short and long term venue hire for creative businesses, photo shoots, rehearsals, exhibitions, performances, auditions, forums, celebrations and more. 

Ben Chiu is Ben’s Burgers, Apartment & A Love Supreme. It is Ben’s philosophy of doing less (and doing it well) that has seen him turn three passions into a string of strong brands, each with a solid community around them. Ten years ago—alongside his brother Nick—he launched Apartment, a mens streetwear store that has made it’s mark through sourcing previously unattainable high-quality, global brands.

Being Brisbane’s first home-grown burger with cult-like status, Ben’s Burgers have continued to honour the heavily researched and carefully crafted elements from the original burgers that were first tabled in 2014.

A Love Supreme was founded to bring good people and music together, and with years of forward thinking events under their belts, continues to host some of the most respected tastemakers on the planet. 2015 saw a natural progression toward opening a record store of the same name, sharing the same theme consistent throughout all of Ben’s ventures — quality over quantity, positive progression and community.

Three days until our August event, Genius with Jock Fairweather of Little Tokyo Two. #cmgenius

This Friday we are joined by Jock Fairweather of Little Tokyo Two as this month’s speakers for the global theme of Genius. Dubbed the ‘startup star’, Jock Fairweather is best known as the founder and director Little Tokyo Two, Brisbane’s largest and most collaborative co-working and event space. He declares that he was put on this earth to support, facilitate, protect and provide. Having started his career in the fashion industry, Jock has countless lessons for young entrepreneurs and will be sharing a slice of his genius with us.

Speaker Phoebe Sheehy of Phoebe Paradise speaks on creative equality and valuing work. Clients, you get what you pay for.