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To Be Honest with Sandi Kafrouni

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October 19, 7:30am • The Third Quarter • part of a series on Honesty

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Moments from our February event — Curiosity with Emilie Guillemain at Mas & Miek Ceramic House by Alana Potts and Niell Blue. #cmbne #cmcuriosity

Moments from our February event — Curiosity with Emilie Guillemain at Mas & Miek Ceramic House by Alana Potts and Niell Blue. #cmbne #cmcuriosity

This month we welcome our very own CM Brisbane Instagram storyteller Emilie Guillemain to take to the stage.

Emilie is a storyteller propelled by an innate curiosity for the people and environment around her. Studying and practicing as a writer since 2011, she has worked with a number of print and digital publications including Broadsheet Melbourne, The Urban List, and sustainability magazine Peppermint.

After exploring alternative modes of storytelling during 2017, Emilie has recently begun - a project which takes her into the homes of her favourite artists to live alongside them, discover how they live, work and play, and to share these stories with the world. Come and hear Emilie speak on #cmcuriosity on Friday February 23 at Mas & Miek Ceramic House in Newstead and discover how the practice of harnessing curiosity is an art within itself.

❤️ Hello February! Our theme this month is Curiosity.“Curiosity is many things—a trait, a mindset, and a skill. To wonder about the things you don’t know and to actively fill those gaps with knowledge is to consciously enrich your life.” This month’s theme was chosen by our friends at the Malmö chapter and illustrated by Oelwein. Thank you to MailChimp, Adobe, and for supporting our global creative community this month.

The full photo album from our January event - Mitch Reyes on Anxiety are up on our Facebook! #cmbne #cmanxiety

Humpday = Two more days until Anxiety with Mitch Reyes at Colab 4010. The attendee list has been finalised so if you got a ticket - congratulations! Make sure to check your junk mail to be sure as you might have been taken off the waitlist. An email will go out to all attendees tomorrow morning for all need-to-knows. #cmbne #cmanxiety

3 days until Mitch Reyes on Anxiety – Our first event of 2018. #cmbne #cmanxiety

Mitch Reyes is a full-time doer. As a freelancer designer, regional brand photographer for lululemon, business owner at Barbara Bar and certified pilates instructor (yes, all of the above) the art of spinning many plates has pushed him to find a friend in Anxiety. His love / hate relationship with this emotion has led him on a path of personal development and creativity.

“Waste is a design flaw.” Sammy Seljak of Seljak Brand shared her sustainability dream with us in December. January is well under way and we’ll be announcing our venue tonight and Anxiety speaker tomorrow. Keep your eyes and ears peeled. #cmanxiety