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Imagine for a second that you have to write an email that goes out to 200,000 people. You spend all week on it, making sure there are no typos or broken links. You schedule the email.You walk into the office and the first thing you hear is, “The most important link is broken.” It’s too late, the email is registered by the servers; it’s now a beam of light carrying information through fiber glass under our oceans.Imagine that feeling of failure—sweaty palms, concerned looks by colleagues, heart rate thumping.Or better yet, what if you stopped imagining?Anxiety is a story that we tell ourselves; it’s a magnification of possible failures paired with self-talk that undermines our chances of success. Anxiety is created from within, not outside. Self-sabotage may always be part of the creative process and the sooner we can accept that the clearer we can be in the decision we need to make to move forward. This month’s global exploration of Anxiety was chosen by our Bucharest chapter and illustrated by Evelin Bundur. Thank you to our global partners — MailChimp, Adobe, and WordPress.com — for their generous support.

For all those attending our event next Friday, keep an eye on your inbox for a full itinerary of the December event. We will be giving away a @seljakbrand blanket to the best icebreaker answer, so preparing it early is worth your while. 👉🏽 Q: Write a short title to a personal story that requires more context to be understood. #cmbne #cmcontext

WIN THE WACOM! As mentioned yesterday - we have a $499 @wacomanz to giveaway to one lucky attendee of our December event next Friday 15th. All you have to do is buy a raffle ‘ticket’. Actually, it’s more like a raffle zine. .
Remember the Moments disposable camera challenge from February’s talk with @toby_scott? Well the zine is finally here all thanks to our morning people who captured moments and @autumn.studio for designing and printing the publication. Each zine is $10 and there is 100 up for grabs. You’ll have a chance to buy one before the talk next week and be 1/100 in the draw for the Wacom! .
The best part? All money from the zines go towards supporting @junkycomics, so we have the opportunity to raise $1000! It’s a win,win,win. That’s a lot to take in so take a breather and get excited. #cmbne#cmcontext

WIN A WACOM! 😍 It wouldn’t be a Christmas event without presents! Thanks to our support partners @wacomanz, we have a Wacom Intuos Pro medium valued at $499 to giveaway at our December event with Sammy Seljak @seljakbrand! It will be a raffle ticket system on Friday 15th for attendees of the event and there’s 100 tickets up for grabs! Stay tuned for more details tomorrow. #cmcontext #cmbne

This baby just landed in our laps today! The Seljak Brand Original Whipstitch blanket is made from 70% recycled wool and 30% blend of polyester & recycled mohair, alpaca and cotton.

Sadly, as much as I wanted to tear the packaging off and throw this baby over the couch - I won’t be holding onto it. Instead, it will go to one lucky winner at CreativeMornings Context with Sammy Seljak. Stay tuned to find out how you can go home with it! #cmcontext

Samantha Seljak is a social entrepreneur, a feminist, a doer and a people person. She is the co-founder and director of Seljak Brand and she imagines a world without waste and find news ways to create beautiful things. Register soon to hear her speak on the theme of Context for the last CreativeMornings of the year. #cmcontext

We’ll be announcing all event details this week. Here’s a little clue as to who our speaker might be, by the talented Ryan McShane

Were PUMPED to announce this one. Thanks to our support partner @zenueco, our December is going to be the biggest and baddest yet. Our goal: no waitlist 🙌🏻 Our warehouse venue in Milton will host 250 morning people for our event on Friday, December 15th. That’s 100 more than we’ve ever been able to host. Stay tuned for further details and check out @zenueco’s new website while you’re at it.