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Meet the New Organizers of Brazil's Chapters, RIO and SPO

CreativeMornings is reaching new creative communities around the world. We’re so excited to introduce you to the new organizers of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo!

Meet Mariana Camardelli, São Paulo, Brazil


What are you most excited about revitalizing CreativeMornings in SPO?

What excites me more is to have the chance to open the chapter for new possibilities. New venues, new team, new network. My wish is to create a community-family: all happy, together, doing nice events. I believe CreativeMornings is an amazing chance to connect, meet new people, get inspired, and that is what our team is ready to do!

What makes your city uniquely creative compared to other cities in Brazil? The world?

São Paulo is the biggest city in Brazil, and this already makes a difference because we have everything here. I was not born here, and this is also amazing about this city: people from all over Brazil come here to live and work. Companies, startups, entrepreneurs, cool venues, restaurants, coffee shops—we’ve got it all! We want to make CreativeMornings/São Paulo a traveling event around the city, ready to spread inspiration and good stories.

If you could guest host an event in each other’s cities, who would your dream speaker be and why?

My dream speaker is always Brené Brown. It doesn’t matter the city, the planet, the galaxy. She is the best!

How do your cities support each other in the other’s creative pursuits? Community pursuits?

We are starting to collaborate more closely. We had a nice lunch together also with Juliana, host of the Porto Alegre chapter, and other team members to talk more. I really hope that we keep doing these things and getting closer. We are trying to go for national sponsorships, for example, companies that can support our events in more than one city at the same time.

What advice would you give each other?

Once I was in Rio (trying to be on vacation) and feeling guilty because I slept until late. And then Bernardo just looked at me and said, “You are on vacation, just relax.“ It was simple but very effective advice! I try to remind Bernardo that he doesn’t need to push too much on himself. He is always looking for perfection. And we need to make it happen, and then get better and better. Nothing is perfect, and everything is already perfect, at the same time.

How do you challenge yourself creatively?

My everyday challenge when I have to create is go back to moment zero and ask myself the question: What is the problem I am trying to solve? I reflect around that and start from the problem. Creating and producing events can drive you crazy if you don’t remember where you started and why are you doing it.

CreativeMornings Porto Alegre application from Lucas Axelrud on Vimeo.

(Disclaimer: Mariana was previously the Porto Alegre host, but moved to São Paulo.)

Meet Bernardo Lemgruber, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


What are you most excited about revitalizing CreativeMornings in RIO?

Rio is a great creative hub with a lot of agencies, studios, co-working spaces, and freelancers but there is no event like CreativeMornings here: open, free, monthly and awesome. So I’m very excited to bring our creative community together to share, learn and connect.

What is your vision and hope for CreativeMornings in your cities?

My vision is that CreativeMornings will bring relevant and insightful meetings to our community. I also believe in the power of being itinerant and circulating in areas of the city that are often unexplored and needy of this kind of event. This is the dream: to make CreativeMornings/Rio so awesome that no matter where it happens, people will go and love it, and that we use this to make our city better.

What makes your city uniquely creative compared to other cities in Brazil? The world?

Well, there is only one “marvelous city” in the world and that’s Rio. We have plenty of natural beauty (mountains, beaches, forests… you name it) and, allegedly, one of the most beautiful sunsets – and these are great sources of inspiration. But, beyond these, we are the most visited city in the southern hemisphere so our cultural scene is pretty diverse and everyone gets along very well. I think that the result of this mix, the city’s atmosphere, lifestyle and the easy-going way of cariocas is what makes Rio’s creative community unique.

If you could guest host an event in each other’s cities, who would your dream speaker be and why?

São Paulo has a lot of amazing creatives, I think it would depend on the theme. But one of my dream speakers is Tom Zé – he is a genius and a living legend (and if I’m right, he lives in São Paulo).

How do your cities support each other in the other’s creative pursuits? Community pursuits?

I’m new in CreativeMornings, learning everything and Mari is not only host for a long time but also knows everything about events (and she is the best). We exchange a lot of what we’re doing and how can we get better – not only between us but also with other Brazilian chapters. We have this dream of making Brazil more connected through CreativeMornings so we discuss how chapters can help each other with sponsorships, speakers and social love for example.

What advice would you give each other?

I have been given a lot of advice from Mari. She often says that I should worry less and just make things – she says that I overthink everything (and maybe she’s right). I remember when I sent her my video application, she was smiling to see that I have done a great job and had actually made the video. I usually say to her that she needs to work a little less, throw away her lists and enjoy free time as free time: without e-mail, without phone calls, and without worries.

How do you challenge yourself creatively?

I avoid as much as I can to feel settled. I’ve learned that one of the ways of keeping myself always creative is not to be comfortable, putting myself in situations where I have to turn around and make my way. CreativeMornings is a great example to me because it is extremely challenging and far from what I do in my life. But the feeling of making a difference is what makes every challenge delicious to overcome. It’s always worth it.

Creative Mornings Application from Bernardo Lemgruber on Vimeo.

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