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Remix! with the CreativeMornings Community

It’s no secret that there is an insane amount of talent in the CreativeMornings community. We love experiencing it at events, through your profiles, and with our monthly theme illustrations. But there are only 12 months in a year and only 12 monthly illustrations. That’s not enough.

So, in the spirit of this month’s theme Collaborate, we’re handing the monthly illustration over to you so we can highlight more of your incredible work.

As designers and makers, we were already big fans of FiftyThree’s Paper iPad app. We recently discovered their Mix platform, which makes it super simple to take an image, remix it, and make it your own. We already wanted the community to work on the illustration together, and we thought Paper would be a great tool to use. We hope you agree.

Can’t wait to get started? Grab or borrow an iPad with Paper and get remixing!

More tutorials over at FiftyThree Support.

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CreativeMornings Remix! Terms of Service
Hooray! You’ve decided to participate in CreativeMornings Remix! We’re so excited to see what you create! But first, some nitty gritty information.

  • By sharing a sketch to Mix you are committing to the Creative Commons Universal Public Domain. They are free to be remixed by anyone on the channel however they’d like, as many times as they’d like.

  • By sharing to the CreativeMornings Mix channel, your work might appear on the CreativeMornings homepage, blogposts, and/or social media channels. We will always give credit and will link back to the original post when possible. It will never be used commercially.

  • Take a look at FiftyThree’s Community Guidelines.

  • Have an open mind and open heart. We’re all in this to get inspired together.

  • Don’t be inappropriate and please don’t spam us. You’ll live longer anyway.

  • Have FUN!

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NanNam Bourdik • January 14, 2016