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July is Collaborate

We’re told that no man is an island. We’ve all had the opportunity to share great ideas, build exceptional things, and create something beautiful. Artistic collaborations throughout history have had their own way of propelling creativity, and often it’s the teamwork that leads to something remarkable. This month, 117 cities will be celebrating the theme of Collaborate.

This month’s theme was chosen by our Amsterdam chapter and the banner was photographed by the incredible Tory Williams. You might notice it’s a bit different than what we’ve had in the past — in the spirit of collaboration, we’d like to invite you to contribute to this month’s illustration. Learn more and get remixing!

A few speakers this month include:

  • Phil Yisrael on building brands through the collaborative nature of Instagram. (Amsterdam)
  • Doug McCraw on organizing an emerging city hub for grass roots inspired creatives. (Ft. Lauderdale — their first event!)
  • Antonio Sabater on supporting Latin American artists on YouTube. (Mexico City)
  • Kelsey Snook on designing environments — from hotlines to festivals — for participation. (Portland)

Find an event near you!

Be sure follow the global conversation on Twitter and Instagram with #CMcollaborate and @creativemorning!

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