Lover of design, books, music, people, tacos, and travel.

I'm a designer, copymaster, pixel ninja, music snob, feisty foodie and whiskey swilling super chick (*troublemaker on weekends). I rescue dogs in my spare time and volunteer for various community initiatives that I'm passionate about. I currently live where most people vacation, the beautiful Emerald Coast! I'm thrilled to be moving soon to the Golden Coast in San Diego where everyone vacations.

I like skydiving and get nervous at parties. Bartending put me through art school where I finished my degrees in multimedia and graphic design from the Savannah College of Art and Design. I love Savannah, Ga!

Currently I work as a Creative Manager for the University of West Florida and I like it a whole lot.

I still work as a bartender as well at an amazing whiskey bar called Old Hickory. I absolutely love the kinds of people in the service industry and that’s how I stay engaged with them on a regular basis. Reading a room and sharing stories are what tending bar is all about!

PEOPLE amaze, scare, and surprise me, all the flipping time. I’ve always been fascinated by them.

I’m driven by science, music and beauty. I am driven by inspiration and the desire to create.

Social hacks, font designers, tacos, event planning, nonverbal, music, learning styles, layout, proxemics, marketing, graphic design, creative freedom, gratitude, paper, Netflix and cocktails.

all the laundry I never seem to be caught up with.

Learn how to say no to what you don't really like so you can say yes to more of what you love.

People who wake up early and exercise because that shit is hard.

I can show you how to own a room. I just moved to San Diego and only know a couple of people. Let's be friends and hang out. Call me, maybe? Or ya know, just shoot me a message on one of those crazy social media sites the kids are using these days.

Huh? I have 3 current careers, I should probably pare down.

How I make someone feel.

I would teach someone how to speed read another person!