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Out of the Ordinary Newsletters?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Do you know someone who sends an email newsletter about a creative obsession? Tell us about it! The more interesting, quirky and passionate the better. We’re toying around with a little project with our friends at MailChimp for the CreativeMornings website and your input would be a big help.

Here are a few we love:

  • Pen Parade - Illustrated pen reviews that make you want to write & draw more. Created by the extremely enthusiastic illustrator Hallie Bateman.
  • Bey Cheat Sheet - A newsletter dedicated to celebrating Beyoncé’s excellence, one live performance at a time, shared by Etsy product designer Chesley Andrews.
  • Gin & Tronic - A quirky comic turned full-length newsletter, from Portland-based illustrator Britt Appleton.

Share your favorite below!

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