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February is Climate

We’re taking the temperature of our surroundings this month as we dive into Climate in 100+ chapters around the world, presented by MailChimp. The theme was chosen by our Ottawa chapter and illustrated by the talented Dave Arnold.

February is all about our environment’s impact on how, what and why we create. From the nuances of workplace culture to the future state of the planet, speakers of all stripes will share their adventures navigating creativity, chaos and teamwork.

A few speakers include:

  • Nicholas Nuttall, Communications and Outreach Coordinator for the UN Climate Change Secretariat (Cologne)
  • Filipe Lopes, musician, composer and academic investigating ambiance, the relationship between sound and space (Porto)
  • Arshiya Bose, biodiversity conservation researcher and coffee bean manufacturer (Bangalore)
  • David Harris, Manager at the Technology Access Foundation who will talk about the climate of race relations in tech (Seattle)

As always, tickets are released the Monday before the talk.

See you soon! Find an event near you

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