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Make and Share GIFts this December!

CreativeMornings is a global engine of generosity, where everyone is creative and anyone is welcome. But there are other things driving the members of our community. Like working for yourself and collaborating with clients. From big agencies to small shops to freelancers, we all know what it’s like to patiently wait on clients to communicate feedback or process an invoice.

As rewarding as it can be to work for yourself, there are times when client interactions can be complicated and tough. Or chock-full of excitement and joy. And sometimes, when you’re trying to express yourself, words just don’t cut it. Sometimes all you need is the perfect animated gif.

So, as FreshBooks helps us present our global theme of Time, they’re also helping CreativeMornings launch a GIF channel! This December, we’re curating awesome gifs, made by artists in our communities, to celebrate the rewarding and challenging moments of working with clients.

Share a GIF this month!

  • … with a client after they send you a payment (thank you for your business!)
  • … with a client while you’re waiting to get paid (just following up on my invoice…)
  • … on Twitter after you finish a long-term client project (yay!)
  • … with friends to kickstart your Monday with animations of coffee and cats (internet!)
  • … with your team to celebrate a big milestone (high five!)
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Faceboook profile pic we are gizlie 03

I guess your post was aligned with our universe! We just decided to make a gif this morning (animating one of our creation) to communicate about our one year anniversary on etsy :) So I guess we're up to a good start for making and sharing gifs in december! (love gifs <3)

Giz Lie • December 1, 2015
Peggy chen headshot

I'm love GIFs but do not know how to make them. Can you share some resources and tips?

Peggy Chen • December 4, 2015