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December is Time

Time — we measure it, we complain we don’t have enough of it, we treasure it with memories. It’s abstract yet we can very clearly see it and we can very intimately feel it. So often we’re asked: what do you make with your time?

December’s theme was chosen by our Edmonton chapter, illustrated by Kelly Mellings, and presented in partnership with FreshBooks. In 130 cities around the world, the CreativeMornings community and speakers are tackling the messy, fleeting, nebulous beast that is time.

But sometimes, talks and words take too much time to communicate those answers. There are times when all you need is the perfect animated gif.

This month we’re excited to launch a CreativeMornings GIF channel, presented by FreshBooks, to help you share a GIFt with your friends & clients this holiday season! Head on over and take a gander (and even submit your own gif!).

When you’re GIF-ed out, or just want some quality time with your local community, attend an event this month with talks from:

  • Mo Rida, a producer & director who established the 48 Hour Film Project (Dubai)
  • Five Every Day, 5 speakers for 5 minutes each (Los Angeles — their fifth birthday!)
  • Juras Grincevičius, a teacher of mindfulness and cognitive schema therapy (Vilnius)
  • Lucy Engelman, an illustrator, online editor of Collective Quarterly, and founder of The Illustration League (Grand Rapids)

Find an event near you!

Consider signing up for your city’s local newsletter or following your city’s chapter on Twitter, as cities continue to upload their event details throughout the month. And be sure to follow the conversation on Twitter and Instagram with #CMtime and @creativemorning! We’ll see you in the morning!

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