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DJ Jim Q's Playlist: Time

Time is an abstract concept. It’s an invisible, consistent force acting upon the world around us, or maybe it’s simply a measurement of existence. Either way, we are all at the mercy of it and it’s best to embrace the lack of control. An hour is an hour no matter how much we try to extend or shorten it, time is an ambivalent host in that way. I think many of us have difficulty with time management, which is a misnomer, you can’t really manage time, you can only manage what you do within a given time span. Time passes at a fixed rate, quantum physics aside. Creatives in particular seem to struggle with accurate estimations of time. I think it’s because when you are in the creative zone, you lose perspective, time seems to fade away and before you know it you’ve spent hours toiling away (at least that’s been my experience). It’s almost trance-like. I’m always chasing that focus, where the hours just melt away.

Time on the other hand is a precious commodity. It’s often how we quantify our work, i.e. 9 to 5, 40 hours a week etc. We trade hours for cash. But, I’ve grown to truly value my time above all material things.

I believe time is the only true currency. We are given a bank of it at birth and it’s constantly depleting from that point on, we can’t simply buy it back.

We spend time, but we can’t earn time. Sure we can be healthier and more careful with the hopes of getting all the time we possibly can, but only so much is within our control. No pressure.

You would think this point of view would force me to be a real clock-watcher and to be hyper-aware of wasted time, but conversely, I’ve just grown to appreciate the value of free time, that is time not obligated to some specific task. I feel even more present and aware of my time. I have also learned to be more appreciative of the time people spend with me.

Whoa this months playlist was almost 90 songs before I culled it down to 39. Time is a popular topic in music, which makes sense since it is such an integral part of music itself. Miles Davis is credited with the quote “It’s not the notes you play, it’s the notes you don’t play” which is really about letting time pass or using time as an instrument. It’s just as critical as the sounds. Tempo, or pace of music is also critical to the feeling and personality expressed. The playlist this month is filled with songs, fast and slow, long and short, and all about time.

Thanks for spending some time with me. And please let me know if you like these playlists by sharing them with your friends and followers. See you in 2016 with a new theme and a new playlist.

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I love some of this songs. THX!

Helen Cohen • January 18, 2016