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DJ Jim Q's Playlist: Moments

Since the CreativeMornings theme this month is Moments, this month’s playlist is fleeting and spontaneous, including songs of momentary experiences, brief encounters, and temporary situations.

Artist are often trying to capture moments, a futile yet often fruitful endeavor. Moments are temporary, always moving past us like smoke. Our remembrance is inaccurate and distorted through our perception like a filter or tinted window. Still photography may be the closest medium capable of capturing a moment, at least the visual experience. Yet like all attempts to record moments, it is still prone to corruption, the film stock, the lens, the camera, the colors, all modify the moment. Unmolested moments can only be experienced and then they’re gone. However, within the distortion and the interpretation, new things are created, not exact copies, but likeness that are beautiful because of the inaccuracies and failed facsimile.

Music is a series of momentary sounds, sequenced to create patterns and motifs. Anticipation of the next moment within the pattern plays a huge part in our appreciation and enjoyment of music. We can often sense what is coming and the payoff gives us some momentary satisfaction. On the other hand, spontaneous and surprising elements keep us wondering what could happen moment to moment.

Beck is back with a great new(ish) song. “Wow” is an exuberant head bobber, the bouncy hook-laden jam is reminicent of his “Odelay” era work. This one is all about living in the moment. The opening line “giddy-up, giddy-up” also reminds me of the Creative Mornings Summit. Giddy-up was kinda the rallying cry of the summit, this track easily could have been the anthem.

“If you’re gonna scream scream with me, moments like this never last” is the opening line to “Hybrid Moments”, one of the more poetic Misfits songs. It gets darker, but its always been one of my favorites. I love the line “Ooh baby when you cry, your face is momentary, you hide your looks behind these scars”.

Underworld, in Joycean style, documents the stream of consciousness of an alcoholic’s racing thoughts in “Born Slippy (Nuxx)”. You might remember this one from the final scene of Trainspotting, what a great sequence.

Montréal selected the theme this month, so I included a few artists from the City of Saints. I went with Arcade Fire’s nostalgic anthem “We Used to Wait” and Klô Pelgag’s “Les Instants D'équilibre”. I also chose a band I’ve been fond of for years, but didn’t realize was from Montréal, The Besnard Lakes. I included the track “Glass Printer” off their third album. I think the song is about attempts to capture a moment, albeit unsuccessfully. The Besnard Lakes are a wonderful band and definitely worth further exploration.

I ended the Playlist with a classic, that should sound familiar to everyone, as it has been sampled and re-purposed a million times over the years, Art of Noise’s “Moments in Love”. Art of Noise was an 80’s new wave synth band that mixed in elements of hip-hop into their music. I remember most of the hip-hop DJ’s I knew had a copy of “(Who’s afraid of) The Art of Noise?” mixed in with their Eric B. and Rakim and Run DMC singles. The track “Moments in Love” became sort of a thing with DJ’s. On the local Washington, DC, hip-hop station WPGC 95.5, they used to play it every-night at midnight, I wonder if they still do.

Thanks for spending a few moments with me, I hope you enjoy this months playlist. If you do, give me a shout on Twitter @jiquin and please share the playlist. See you next month.

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