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February is Moments

We tend to measure our lives by days or years, but what we seek in our dreams and cherish in memory are the moments that define us.

Think of moments, not as a page in a book, but that one highlighted sentence in a sea of letters. With a surgeon’s precision, you can point at defining moments that altered the trajectory of your life. The challenge of our times is not to chase after moments, but learning to embrace the one we have right now and do well with it.

The theme was chosen by our Montréal chapter and illustrated by Patrick Seymour.

Some upcoming talks on #CMmoments:

  • Mark Haden is an adjunct professor at the University of British Columbia and teaches in the UBC school of Population and Public Health, Nursing, Social Work and Medicine. (Vancouver)

  • Ali Kaufman, Founder of Space of Mind (SOM), a modern schoolhouse for our social world. It is a special place where academic and life skills are taught hand-in-hand, and where friends are made and creativity is sparked. (Palm Beach)

  • Anna Gunn is co-director of McGunnMedia, a photography and multimedia company based in Maia, Portugal. (Porto)

Find an event near you!

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