CANCELLED - You Can’t be Switzerland-Choosing to be Anti-Racist: A Radical Notion

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About the speaker

Meet MAR Canada Expert Mom, Dr. Lisa Gunderson. Dr. Lisa Gunderson (she/her) is an award winning educator and founder of One Love Consulting (OLC), an equity and anti-racist consulting/training business. She is a registered clinical counselor and an inactive licensed psychologist in California. She also provides clinical services and supervision at the ȽÁU, WELṈEW̱ Tribal School. A former tenured US psychology professor, she has taught courses in Victoria’s secondary schools, colleges, and universities. Please visit to learn more.

Additional details

You can’t be Switzerland! An interactive conversation where we are challenged to decide if we TRULY want to be anti-racist disrupters, dismantlers, or abolitionists. This is a radical way of looking at anti-racism because we assume people want to be more anti-ist, but do they really? Facing your thought and feeling barriers to truly being equitable and anti-racist and thinking about going beyond “allyship” is a radically different approach. It is not about checklists but about checking the self…..answering the question Why Don’t You Know What to Do or if you Know ….Why Don’t We Do It? Bring your favorite hot or cold drink and let’s Chat!