Avoiding the taboo line

Yi-Hwa and Carlin talk about how they became magazine editors of Women’s and Men’s Health in the Middle East and how they make these magazines work in an environment with a diverse audience.

About the speaker

Yi-Hwa is the Editor-in-Chief of the Middle East edition of Women’s Health, the fastest-growing women’s magazine brand in the world.

Prior to her role with WHME, she has worked on leading titles such as Good Housekeeping Middle East and VIVA, with more than 12 years of experience in the media industry, covering everything from writing and editing to social media, television, live radio, and event hosting, as well as countless collaborations with international brands.

An avid amateur photographer and artist, a keen traveller and foodie, an animal-lover and a style enthusiast, she’s also an advocate for living a healthy and active lifestyle. Yi-Hwa has a firm belief in living with a sense of adventure, and whether it’s singing, dancing, yoga, barre, boxing, parkour, archery, surfing, or paddleboarding (and everything in between!), she loves anything that awakens your creativity, gets you moving, and makes you feel truly alive.

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