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Yasmine Mustafa is a local entrepreneur and community leader who’s passionate about leveraging technology for good. She’s the co-leader of Girl Develop It Philadelphia, an international organization aimed at lessening the gender gap in development by providing low-cost coding classes for women. Yasmine is also the CEO of ROAR for Good, a social impact company aimed at empowering women to live their lives boldly and without fearing using fashionable safety jewelry, mobile technology, and education. She also sits on the board of Coded by Kids, an Philly non-profit that helps inner city kids increase their technical skills. In her free time, she enjoys reading, biking around the city, hiking, playing poker, and intimate gatherings with friends.

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The birth lottery is the happenchance. It's the randomness of our starting point. It's the randomness of the traits and circumstances that we're born into, that we have absolutely no control over, that determine the opportunities and the challenges that we're going to face in life. — Yasmine Mustafa

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