Who Are You? A Bio Workshop

February 7, 8:00am - 9:30am CST. Hosted at Spaces Austin

About this FieldTrip

In this FieldTrip, copywriter and brand builder, Liz Feezor will dive into the ins and outs of writing an impactful, memorable bio that communicates our value, showcases our personality, and attracts the people we want to work with. We’ll write and share each of our stories, and we will learn how to leverage LinkedIn to our advantage and build a professional network.

No boring bios and meaningless business jargon here: this session is designed to get us thinking differently about the words we use for ourselves. Part-conceptual and part-tactical, we will create a professional profile and share it with the world.

From storytelling to social media, we’ll cover it all—and learn how to apply these concepts to writing our own professional profile.

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