Currently working as a senior thought leadership/marketing writer for the IBM Institute for Business Value (IBM's research arm). I am an avid arts fan and occasionally perform in plays. I've made a short film, danced with the Austin Samba School and studied graphic design (not my talent, but gave me a huge appreciation for what designers do). I love being around and collaborating with creative people.

content marketing strategy, copywriting, corporate communications, alternative theatre/arts/fun stuff to do in Austin, improv, Samba, self-help books (for better and worse)...

You'll never be ready to make the jump into something you've never done before. The only way to do what you want to do is to start doing it.

Friends who have pursued their passions and are making their livelihoods doing things they love doing (there are many - I can name names, but don't want to embarrass anyone). Pretty much all entrepreneurs.


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