Which #GAME are you playing with your art? It’s a question worth asking everyday.

April 20, 8:30am - 10:00am CEST. Hosted at Mates/Georgenstrasse

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Hi, my name is Rudolf. Aside from being an utopian generalist with beautiful handwriting skills I am working as an international community strategist at Koch Media and their game publishing label Deep Silver. Additionally I am doing a doctorate in media studies at the University of Passau.

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Throughout human history, games were about winning or losing.

Author James P. Carse extends this concept beautifully in Finite and Infinite Games: “A finite game is played for the purpose of winning, an infinite game for the purpose of continuing the play.”

Which game are you playing with your art?

In my talk I will give you solid insights into my daily and long-term tasks as a social media and community manager. And no, although we are a game company, playing videogames 24:7 is not our main concern.

Doors open at 8.30.

Looking forward to seeing you at MATES! Georgenstraße 66, 80799 Munich