“The End is one of the coolest things in creativity.”

Working Backwards is often another way to solve a problem, especially a creative one.

About the speaker

Ward Andrews is founder and director of Drawbackwards, a UI/UX/Brand Agency. He is an Associate Faculty of Design at Arizona State University teaching Design Entrepreneurship and co-chair of the IxDA Phoenix chapter.

Ward’s projects have appeared in The New York Times, Sports Illustrated, Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, Tech Crunch, USA Today, TNT Sports, ESPN, MSNBC and other publications and broadcasts. Projects have garnered Addy, Prisma and Emmy awards.

Ward is also known by sports fans and in social media circles for his 2008 parody of Shaquille O'Neal on Twitter. Sports Illustrated proclaims he has had “an enormous impact on modern sports culture”. Twitter’s Biz Stone told the New York Times the account was the “first instance of celebrity impersonation” known on Twitter.

Ward has worked with hundreds of brands since 1995 including: Sony, Intel, IBM, Motorola, American Express, One Degree Organic Foods, LifeNexus, Insominac Games and the NBA Phoenix Suns.

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