Vitmar Basha about CHANGE

March 18, 9:30am - 11:00am CET. Hosted at Liceu Artistik "Jordan Misja"

part of a series on Change

About the speaker

Born in Tirana, Albania the 24th of February 1981

Start playing soccer in the age of 6 in the football club of Tirana. In the age of 16, it was a coincidence of braking the left and right meniscus and ligaments and the historic social/economic disasters of 1997 and migrate in Italy. I play one year in Bari but after I decide to follow the school because my knees doesn’t allows me to go far than a mediocre football player. Having all this emptiness left by soccer I grab the guitar and start learning by myself, and after playing on the streets and in the parks of Bari or student’s parties. In 2002 I end the high school and go in Florence to attend the university of Psychology. I go on working and playing while attending the bachelor degree. In 2009 I come back in Albania and start working as a volunteer in the Psychiatry Hospital of Shkodra. After as a psychologist in the state prison of Lezha, after in the minors Institute of Detention of Kavaja and after I start working with the community of Roma and Egyptians. In 2013-2014 I work as a development coordinator for World Vision Albania and in 2014 happens the big change of creating my own organization Youth Music Albania that works in musical education, individual and group, focused on the children and youth especially the most vulnerable but also promoting Roma and Non Roma Albanian music bands.

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Global change is something that we have to take it carefully because in the situation that we are living in technological level and geo-politics is going through a total transformation. There is a crisis, not only economical but on the values where the poor are getting poorer and the richest are monopolizing all the natural and economics enslaving modernly a long part of the population. Global change is imponent and non avoidable, but I think that change has to start from the self because the final goal or the aspiration of global change can choke and de-naturalize the human being. I often remember the book of Plato, Dante, Manzoni, Stendhal, Hugo, Kerouac and until the contemporary authors and I look that in human level nothing has change; a very large part of humans as 4000 years ago even now wants the some things, live their live, have children, eat, procreate, draw a picture, make some art, listen to the music, make love, have another baby, eat, work, love, eat work love.

Think locally and act globally. Can sound a bit traditional as a way of thinking but I see in the point of view of save the identity of a place, culture, morals and manners, dialects or values that has build a person and this local particularity I would like to share with the others in the world to make the world more colorful and friendly. Local change I see it as a way to increase communication, acceptance of human or ideological diversity, drop of the barriers that separates us to experience that the things that gathers us are more than those who separates us, change of negative mentality or that one that doesn’t allows the positive and sustainable progress, individual empower and the raise of capacity to cope with challenges.

Change is very important for what concerns a solution while for the moment you don’t find any. Is something that grows in form of “protest” inside the evaluation of the actual situation and the situation that you desire, while the present doesn’t lead you to nowhere with the actions or the choices you take to reach your aspired goals. Change is adrenaline and desire to feel alive, while you need a plan on how to keep these changes sustainable, because the lack of a plan change lead to continuous change and again and again without arriving to nothing or to chaos. I see the change as a solution, a way to challenge yourself accepting all the prices you have to pay and the unexpected battles you have to face and I try to think and analyze all the possible situations than can be positive or negative. Change is very close with the initiative because the initiative is something that has lead us to learn how to swim, to learn to ride the bike, to find the love in a person than we feel we love, to help people in need that are not able to express it, initiative to ask for pardon or to end a negative path, initiative to jump in to an unknown ocean where the only think that you are sure of is yourself and the desire to survive with dignity and be surrounded with the values that makes you a human being, a spiritual being and a social being. In other cases you will taste the poison of indifference that is the real death or the price that the world taxes to the mediocres.