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Synesthetes unite! In a musical lexicon we all know about the blues, but what about the reds, greens, purples and blacks? The links between the perceptions of colour and sound are profoundly complex and who better to guide us along this aural rainbow than Ville Matvejeff- conductor, pianist, composer and Finnish l’enfant terrible of the classical music world.

Not yet 30 years old, Ville has often adopted a uniquely ‘next generation’ approach to his many projects that make him a valued disruptor on the scene. Whether it’s his extensive compositional catalogue, technically pioneering productions with his own New Generation Opera or recent appointment as Chief Conductor of the Jyväskylä Sinfonia, he is breathing new life and attracting new audiences to the worlds of classical music and opera internationally.

We are blushing red with excitement that Ville Matvejeff can show us some of the colours of his musical world for the second session of CM/HEL.

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