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Victor started his own film production company when he was 19 and Pim graduated four years ago, as an architect. Together with music producer Tristan Hupe and opera singer Micah Kessel, they created Sherlocked up in 2014, the company behind the most visited and highly prized escape rooms in the Netherlands. But these escape rooms are not just designed to make your brain work. They are unlike any others because they open the door to a world of mysterious experiences and adventures that give people a sense of wonder and enchantment.

At the talk on MYSTERY, they will tell us about their experience design process and they will share insights and challenges from their past three years of Sherlocked. So if you want to learn how to design unique experiences, join this talk and get the scoop on their secrets!

Disclaimer: Surprise plays an important part in the Sherlocked experience. This talk will let you in on the juiciest inside info, so if you still want to preserve the mystery for a future experience, this is your spoiler alert.

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