UNINTERRUPTED: Get behind the scenes with cinematic salmon

Hosted at Under the Cambie Bridge on Coopers' Park, Yaletown

part of a series on Compassion

About this FieldTrip

As the sun sets over Vancouver, the undersurface of the Cambie Bridge is transformed into a wild river filled with migrating salmon. UNINTERRUPTED is the high-tech cinematic art installation taking hundreds of viewers nightly on a beautiful immersive journey that has been repeated in B.C. waters for millennia.

This cinematic spectacle is one of the most sophisticated digital projections worldwide. The complexity lies in its mix of live documentary footage, 3D projection mapping and location in a busy urban park. What it took to bring the park, the bridge, and the salmon together is a tale that also has a great cast of characters.

This FieldTrip will introduce you to some of the key creative team behind Uninterrupted, recognized by Wallpaper* magazine as one of the must-see outdoor installations for 2017. Nettie Wild, director, Betsy Carson & Rae Hull, producers and members of the production team will be present. You can also get a taste of the scope of the project here: uninterrupted.ca/creating-uninterrupted-stories-from-the-river-to-the-bridge

Please arrive at Coopers’ Park (Yaletown side of the Cambie Bridge) by 7:45pm to join the “tour”. Bring your questions and your own blankets so you can comfortably enjoy the show at 9pm!

About Uninterrupted

UNINTERRUPTED is a cinematic summer art installation that transforms Vancouver’s Cambie Bridge into a wild B.C. river – immersing audiences in the incredible journey of migrating sockeye salmon. Breathtaking cinematography from three B.C. rivers is digitally mapped and is projected on the underside of the bridge, along with an ambient, original soundtrack.

The 25-minute screening is happening now and runs Tuesday through Saturday, June 28th – Sept 24th, 2017.