Tyler Deeb of Misc. Goods Co. shares his experience and mantra to work hard, don’t chase the glory, and be satisfied.

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Tyler Deeb is a designer, creative director, entrepreneur, family-man, and business owner. His company, Misc. Goods Co., first became known for its monstrously-successful Kickstarter campaign for a deck of playing cards Deeb completely re-designed. Since then, Misc. Goods has created a whole collection of different products including ceramic flasks, leather wallets and cologne. Deeb has carved out a niche with his brand by focusing on everything good - from the usefulness of the products to customer service to remaining ethical in all manufacturing.

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    One of my favorite quotes from any of the speakers I have heard thus far, "Working hard isn't just about feeling good about yourself; it's about honoring the people that are depending on you." — Tyler Deeb

    Michael Thacker
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    "It's not a 'rich' or 'poor' thing. It's a YOU thing." So many people complain or blame their problems on someone or something else. I like what he mentioned about working hard and just being satisfied. Work when it's time to work - put it down when it's time to LIVE. Great talk Tyler.

    Darrel Groves