In her revolutionary speech Tuuti Piippo, a finnish author, talked about the history of women in tech and the Futuremakers book.

This is the Q&A session after her talk. Does failures help to form the futuremakers and how to convince people that you’re not crazy but just a genius.

About the speaker

You say you want a REVOLUTION? Ok, lets get started then.

Amidst the abundance of tech-based movements around the globe, it is often the small personal stories of ingenuity and innovative creative thinking that get swept into the sandy churn as a wave rises in the wider public consciousness and an idea becomes a ‘thing’. It is here that our speaker for this month’s theme of REVOLUTION resides; listening, distilling and analysing these first hand accounts as the waters of change build and wash all around.

Based between San Francisco and Helsinki, journalist and author TUUTI PIIPPO specialises in recording, examining and re-telling stories of people making something new in the world. From her unique experiences of these first hand accounts, she creates patterns that may help us understand and even predict the directions of tech trends and sweeping REVOLUTIONS.

Tuuti’s ‘ recent book FUTUREMAKERS about inspiring women who build technology around the world landed the focus solidly on the oft overlooked gender bias that is present in the discussions of tech based innovators.

Don’t miss this chance to hear one of our most interesting voices recount some of her surprising discoveries on this road to change that we’re all on. We all want to change the world right?

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