“Transit” to a New Reality: The Mind

October 20, 5:30pm - 7:00pm MDT. Hosted at A Digital-Gathering!

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October’s theme is #CMTransit, chosen by CreativeMornings/Cleveland, illustrated by Aleea Rae, presented globally by WordPress.com.

Registration opens on Tuesday, October 13th. We’ll send out Zoom details closer to the event. We can’t wait to virtually see you on Tuesday, October 20th at 5:30 pm MST.

Join us for an invigorating presentation with Chelley Canales followed by breathing exercises and a guided meditation. We will discuss how the planet is currently in transit and how we are being called to rise to the occasion through out own process of transition. Learn how to cope with the stress of these transitional times as we discuss tools to navigate hardship and the shifts in values that will define the post-COVID world.


For this month’s CreativeMornings/Denver Happy Hour event, we will open with a short guided meditation (about 5 minutes) with a focus on cultivating presence, grounding and inspiration to set intentions for the session ahead.

Chelley will discuss how the planet is currently in transit and how we are being called as humans to rise to the occasion through our own transition. We will discuss the way the earth is evolving and awakening, the hardships that arise during any period of transition (with tools on how to deal with them), and the shifts in values that will define the post-COVID world. In addition, Chelley will discuss techniques to help cope with the stress of these transitional times and recommend meditation resources and books that you can use to go deeper on your own after the event.

Learn how to better understand and trust your inner knowing. We will do a couple of breathing exercises together as a group and then Chelley will lead us through a longer guided meditation called, “The Lighthouse.” The meditation assists in helping to transition the belief that we need an external source to validate our own spiritual wisdom.

We will close with a short journal reflection where you can ruminate on insights that you had during the meditation.


Chelley Canales an entrepreneur based in Denver, Colorado. She is the Founder and Spiritual Spark Plug of lighthouse/haven, a hub created to inspire, connect and enlighten awakening souls. She is a coach, speaker, podcast/on-camera host, blogger and author with a firecracker spirit in a form that can hardly contain it.

Since taking the leap out of a traditional career path, Chelley realized her calling was much greater than simply following the trail to her purpose alone. Knowing that people were waking up in greater numbers than ever before in history, Chelley wanted to guide those who were just beginning to wake up, choosing to be the bridge between the world of spirituality and the seekers who may not know yet what they are looking for.

Chelley’s energy and passion are channeled into helping others connect with their soul’s purpose by first asking, “what is the world missing out on while you wait for permission?”.

She coaches individuals to jump start their spiritual connection towards purpose through her programs Live Your Best Light and Stage Present, which is focused on those ready to make an impact on stage.

Her mission also includes creating content and providing support for the awakening community. She has written The ABCs of Awakening: A Dictionary for the Emerging Soul and contributed to When I Rise, I Thrive. Her interview series, Lighthouse Conversations with Chelley Canales, highlights awakening stories from different perspectives and can be experienced in both video and podcast form.

As a beacon for awakening souls, Chelley is dedicated to creating a spiritual home and a safe haven for your fires of purpose to be ignited, because there is no better time than right now to live your best light.