While the world around us is getting noisier and noisier, our hearing is always present, and we can’t turn it off. Research shows that noise exposure leads to hearing loss and has significant impact on our stress level and everyday well-being.

Tim Textd After Tim has briefly introduced the CreativeMornings Berlin audience to the world of everyday sounds, he subjects the 90 visitors to a hearing test: Tim plays a tone whose frequency rises from 200 Hz to 20,000 Hz. Everyone has to rise a hand, and those who cannot hear the high tones at some point lower their hands. Then Tim talks about the role of our hearing, why we should protect our hearing from loud noises in our youth and what we can do in old age not to end up in eternal silence.

About the speaker

Tim joined Mimi Hearing Technologies in 2016 with the focus on raising awareness for hearing health by creating impactful collaborations. Besides building partnerships with consumer electronic companies, he created the first world hearing index including 350,000 tested people globally and implemented Germany’s largest digital prevention campaign to date in collaboration with the public health insurance BARMER. Since 2019, Tim runs Mimi’s health prevention initiative division ​Good Hearing.

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Thanks to its hearing test apps Mimi has created the world’s largest database of digital hearing profiles and is able to undertake extensive modeling on human hearing data from around the globe, providing fascinating insights into how the world hears by region and demographic: The World Hearing Index. — Tim von Klitzing

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