Kyra Clarke tells us about her pursuit of Creative Freedom

About the speaker

Creative Freedom. It’s the Holy Grail, the ideal we all fight to achieve. It’s what motivated Kyra Clarke to conceive Threaded magazine in 2004 during her second year of a Bachelor of Design. An attempt to bridge the gap between established and emerging practice across the creative industries, Threaded magazine is now in it’s 10th year & is an internationally distributed, collaborative, bi-annual publication proudly produced in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Off the backbone of the magazine Clarke founded Threaded Media in 2007 - a boutique independent, award-winning design studio led by creative directors Kyra Clarke and Fiona Grieve.

“We are a ‘studio of two halves’ with a focus on client-based projects, from print, web and digital, branding and identity, packaging and marketing campaigns to our ongoing international curated editorial design project, Threaded magazine.

Our main objective is to create a creative community-focused publication that showcases the work of designers and the process that sits behind what we see - a ‘show and tell’ podium of creative and design practitioners worldwide".

Having achieved her vision of creative Freedom, does expectation match up with reality? Join us for some coffee at Lot23 on Friday 23 May from 8am to find out the answer and to hear more of the Threaded story.

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