Thom Barnett discussing, amongst other things, not selling all your time for money.

A cosy November edition discussing life in a creative world. With the founder of Mamnick™ where his motto reads: One thing at a time, as beautiful as possible. Fine products manufactured in the UK and Japan. Based in Sheffield.

About the speaker

Thom Barnett is founder of bespoke clothing and accessory brand Mamnick™ link. A Sheffield University fine arts graduate turned entrepreneur, creating fine products manufactured in the UK and Japan.

Thom created Mamnick™ link in 2012, when he realised that he could not find the type and quality of shirt, that he wanted to buy; he then went about designing and creating his own clothing range. He had been involved in sourcing and supplying UK vintage to, amongst others, two Japanese friends who encouraged Thom to get the Mamnick™ ball rolling. They began successfully stocking the first shirts in their store over in Japan, even collaborating on a couple of pieces.

Whilst having strong links with Japan, including a flagship store in Tokyo link, Mamnick™ is very much a brand of Thom’s home in Sheffield. The Derbyshire Dales are his source of inspiration and as a keen cyclist, also his playground. Passionate about the local area, the industrial cutlery and steel manufacturing heritage of Sheffield coupled with the natural countryside drives the direction of his products. His clothing products are individually named after distinct locations in the surrounding area, providing a wonderfully northern rural background to the range. The accessories including the iconic stainless steel chippie fork.

‘Mamnick™ (pronounced - ‘Mam’-‘Nick’) is the road that leaves Hope valley and begins it’s steady ascent of Mam Tor, deep within the splendor of the Peak District. ‘The Peaks’ are one of the most picturesque locations in Britain. Mamnick™ is a brand inspired by these scenes, on the door-step of where our manufacturing takes place…

I’m just as passionate about our manufacturing process and proud to say that our entire inventory is made in South Yorkshire. I tip my hat to my Grandad Mr. Eric Barnett every time I work with steel. He spent his entire working life within the famous Sheffield steel industry and lived only six miles away from the factory in the good old mining town of Rotherham, with his wife of 70 years Emily Barnett (RIP)…

Our shirts are made by people only a stone’s throw away from the road that my Grandad and I grew-up on. A family community where every weave and stitch has a story - it’s this family of people with their craft and workmanship that make us who we are. It’s nice to work so closely with manufactures that share the same feelings towards Britain’s manufacturing heritage and I’m grateful to them - if they weren’t willing to help, then Mamnick™ would be little more than a logo festering in my head.‘

Amen to that.

The brand is built on the very straight forward ethos a very good friend once said to Thom - “Do one thing at a time, as beautifully as possible”. Thom will be talking to us about how he continues to forge this successful brand and lifestyle at his own pace. Making what he likes where he likes, and indeed beautifully. Making what many people would see as a fantasy life, his reality.

We look forward to sharing this next morning with you all for an informal, insightful cosy chat with Thom. We are back down at 99 Mary Street link with coffee supplied by the great folks over at Ink and Water link. Seriously, what is not to love. Get yourselves registered gonna be a good one. #CMfantasy #InACreativeWorld #CMsheffield #creativemornings

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