As a Career,Social Media,Business & Life Coach in Sheffield, I work with creative business owners & start ups. My clients say I help them make time to do the things they love especially around creativity, the outdoors & reducing stress. I help you build your business or develop your offer & can manage your social media, Insta & PR or tasks that drag you down, leaving you free to create! I am a lapsed potter & #incidental photographer. I help you find a career path that really suits you & help people find or re-find their creative direction! Book a free social media & business coaching review now, over tea and cake. I have done a lot of timebank work through the Guild, so just ask ! Interestingly my social media coaching makes page 1 of Google ! (mostly) & I work with a number of businesses to get their message out authentically on Social media. I craft a nifty tweet. Refs available :) My coaching experience has come through managing & developing successful teams, commissioning affordable housing schemes, design & usability appraisals alongside growing my coaching business over 12 years, which I now run full time. I have a degree level ILM coaching & mentoring qualification from Loughboro Uni Aspire. Recent feedback "You put me at ease right from my first contact. It was very useful for me to talk to you about what’s going on in my case. Thanks for all the great ideas you shared during & after the meeting- very helpful. " Sep 2018 #timebank "Thanks for your ongoing help Karen. It's invaluable having a fresh, experienced pair of eyes to assess the progress of my business " Creative Coachee Aug 2018 " Hi Karen, Thanks for sessions I've found them really helpful and can feel the focus and things taking shape, thanks for all your input! Just had an email from **** client too and he's accepted my quote! " Cheers, Creative Biz Coachee. 2018 " Thanks Karen I'm feeling inspired and motivated" Creative coachee 2018 What did you feel like after coaching ? How did it help you ? " Excellent – I felt very inspired & a strong desire than anything was possible. Very good! Very inspiring and passionate. Questions you and makes you think outside the box. What impressed you most about your coaching experience? How inspired I felt afterwards" Creative Career Coachee 2018

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