Hacking the female body

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Due to personal circumstance we have a late change of speaker. We are happy to invite you to hear SOFIA HELLSTEN & her talk – Hacking the female body

What: Women no longer accept that innovation of products for female bodies are at the hands of men, and has historically been in the shadows. Two business strategist make a deep dive into products and services supporting the female body and the gold that can be dug from this underserved market. Why: Since forever products and services have been developed for men by men. Or in best case by men for women. Business in this area has been lagging behind and not fulfilling the actual needs of real women. However, the increasingly open discussion around the female body has opened up a door for new innovations and opportunities. An underserved market equals a great playground for new investment, as long as we put the woman at the center. How: A deep dive into history, present day and the future of business around the female body. New actors challenging old ways, who should lead the disruption and where’s the money in it?   Talking points  A few things we will be covering History - female body centered innovations until today Power structures - products for women by men? The word is out - the increasingly open discussion around the female body What’s out there? New products and services Market and potential - the economy Who will lead the change?

Sofia Hellsten is a business developer at Making Waves/Great Works. She has a degree from Stockholm School of Economics and a has previously worked as a marketing strategist. When she’s not busy coming up with new business concepts, she cooks and photograhps amazing japanese cuisine which can be found on her instagram account @shellsten.

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