Most companies attempt to build their internal cultures using dry mission statements and core values posted on walls by the water cooler, but the end result is often the usual soul crushing hierarchy and dumbed-down, “safe” work.

Captains of Industry, a creative shop in Boston, took a different approach – a Manifesto that brings together ideas and designs that embody what it means to be a Captain. In this session, Captains of Industry co-founder and creative director, Ted Page, provides a guided tour of key aspects of the Manifesto that have helped form the company’s unique culture and philosophy.

About the speaker

Ted Page has more than 25 years of experience creating strategy-driven work that clients are proud of. Ted co-founded Captains of Industry in the late 90’s with a leading Boston-area filmmaker, Fred Surr, and went on to pioneer new ways to draw customers’ to client websites with video storytelling.

Ted has created memorable work – from ad campaigns and websites to print literature and video – for a wide range of clients around the world, including Starbucks, Nike, KEMA, EnerNoc, SolidWorks and First Wind. Today, Page leads the creative development process at COI, helping to ensure that clients are provided with outstanding work that delivers measurable results.

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