Illustrator / typostrator Tash Willcocks talks about collaborating with people and making those moments special, about hard working neuron pruners and why business cards suck. And oh, there might be a wedding proposal in there as well.

Progressive digital school Hyper Island programme leader at day, Mundane a day (worst Superhero name EVER!) by night. Illustrator / typostrator Tash Willcocks shares her view on collaboration and creativity. And oh, there might be a wedding proposal in there as well.

About the speaker

We are really proud to present February’s speaker – Tash Willcocks, super inspiring illustrator / typostrator / Hyper Island program leader from Manchester, England.

Don’t miss Tash’s “Make friends, not contacts” talk at CreativeMornings Gothenburg on February 24! This will be an inspiring talk about collaborating with people in different ways and making those moments special.

Tickets (free but limited in number) will be released at 11.00 on Monday February 20.

Gothenburg Concert Hall

This month’s venue will be an epic one as The Gothenburg Symphony has opened up their main hall for us. This is arguably on of Gothenburg’s most iconic and beautiful venues.



We caught up with Tash ahead of this month’s seminar and discovered what creativity really means to her.

What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?
Why is Wolf (my crazy cat) balanced on my head and will he ever realise that he DOES NOT get fed at 5.00am?

What is creativity for you?
Everything. I am influenced by what’s around me. The people, places, emotions. It can be used for good or bad as it’s an influencer, I feel we have a duty to use creativity for good, not just for pretty pictures (though I like those as well, they have their place).

What makes you feel afraid?
Honestly - Trump’s actions at the moment.

What cheers you up?
People, dancing with my cat, my students at Hyper Island, their hope, enthusiasm and passion is inspiring. The current students and alumni have a special connection, it’s pretty wonderful to be a tiny part of it.

Name three things on your bucket list
Well I aim to never grow up so bucket lists don’t count….
- To make a difference, however small….
- To constantly surround myself with creative people with love and good intentions in their hearts
- To roll in a room of kittens

Have you ever tipped a cow?
Only when the service was really great.

What is the weirdest thing about you?
I grew an inner twin that exploded inside me (oversharing!), I dance with my cat far to regularly.

What are you known for?
Over sharing ….. haha, doodling, facilitating, being the smallest person in the room - with the loudest voice, sometimes not knowing where THE LINE is….

Who would win a fight between Spiderman and Batman?
I like to think they would end up in a loving embrace (maybe have little SpiderBats…. Spats).

Why are you so amazing?!
Why are YOU so amazing? Anyone reading this, tell me on the day and let’s create an I’M AMAZING story together…

Interview by Linda Larsson

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