Chaos is a Friend of Mine

Tami shares her point of view on the chaos within her creative process. Chaos can be perceived as something destructive but it also gives access to a great source of inspiration. It confronts the organized world as we know it, destroys it entirely, and leads again to the reconstruction of a new structure. It is a healthy process of rebirth. The opposite of order and structure offers great freedom, the limits have disappeared and the imagination can extend to infinity. The impossible happens, order reverses, and monotony shatters.

About the speaker

Tami is an art director, illustrator, and tattoo artist from Sao Paolo. She founded Hopf Studio in 2008, working mostly on digital art.

She currently plays with all kinds of illustration, from using tattoo machines to big murals.

Her drawings are a combination of joy and sorrow, euphoria and loneliness, mixing life, love and the paradoxical relationship between human beings and nature.

Discovering her universe is like sinking into a bichromatic world illuminated by touches of gilding. It feels like being carried into a surreal place of beautiful characters surrounded by lush vegetation and mysterious passages.

Tami often refers to deep symbols that invite you to let your imagination dream, look beyond appearances, ask questions, be confused, get lost and find yourself.

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