Survival of Culture, Heritage & Creativity through Fashion & Textiles with Dr. Dan Coughlan

June 30, 9:00am - 10:30am BST. Hosted at Paisley Arts Centre

part of a series on Survival

About the speaker

Fashion & Textiles Curator at Paisley Museum Dr Dan Coughlan, Paisley Museum, recently re-created, from research on original fragments, the world’s only fully-operation Paisley shawl loom as part of his PhD research at UWS.

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Exploring how the survival of a historic culture & it’s creative significance to heritage can be achieved through fashion and textiles join us as we head to Paisley for our June event.

With Dan Coughlan, Curator of Fashion & Textiles at Paisley Museum joining us for this exciting discussion, we’ll be kicking off the WEAVE festival all in CreativeMornings style.