Stress with Albin John

September 25, 7:45am - 9:00am AEST. Hosted at Zoom

part of a series on Stress

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Albin John is a Rockhampton based news cameraman, editor and director, raised and educated in Brisbane. The child-like freedom and the ability to allow the mind to roam uninhibited is the reason he’s pursued this career path since graduating high school in 2013. His inspiration comes from being able to watch an insane Tarantino flick, or a poignant Kendrick Lamar verse. The way that these artists are able to utilise words, imagery, and the wisdom of their own experiences to create art that can impact a young Indian boy from Brisbane, Australia is incredible. To be able to create that kind of impact is Albin’s ultimate goal.

Over the last five years, he has worked on music videos, short films, international commercial sets for brands such as Pocari Sweat and University of Queensland; to most recently working as a camera operator for Channel Nine’s “Smashdown” (2018-2020), and now as a regional news cameraman and editor for Channel Nine. He hopes to take these day to day experiences and utilise it into his own creative endeavours in film and television works over the next few years.