Stress No More Virtual Happy Hour ft. Boost Counseling & Consulting

August 18, 5:30pm - 7:00pm MDT. Hosted at A Digital-Gathering!

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August’s theme is #CMStress, chosen by CreativeMornings Warsaw, illustrated by Shanee Benjamin, presented globally by

For the August Happy Hour, CreativeMornings is partnering with Boost Counseling & Consulting to facilitate a collaborative conversation with breakout discussions where you can learn to identify burnout and create sustainable practices to alleviate stress in your life.

Registration opens on Tuesday, August 11 at 9:00 am. We’ll send out Zoom details closer to the event. We can’t wait to virtually see you on Tuesday, August 18th at 5:30 pm MST!


Bronwyn and Toni are the owners of Boost Counseling & Consulting. You can read their story here. Boost focuses on The Three C’s – Counseling, Coaching and Consulting. Toni and Bronwyn are both licensed professional counselors. They each have a private practice where they see clients for psychotherapy. They come from a trauma-informed care lens and practice mindfulness-based and somatic-based therapeutic methods with their clients. These ladies also offer coaching for clients that have a vision and want results. Bronwyn and Toni help their coaching clients access their values and remove limiting beliefs. The consulting side of Boost dives into organizational development and wellness. They bring educational forums and packages to leadership and employees. Their training offer strategies to better understand how to support employees’ mental health and ensure the work they do is connected to the vision/mission of their organization.

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Bronwyn and Toni are excited to host the Creative Mornings HH on the topic of Stress. As mental health therapists, this topic comes up a lot in therapy. During our time together, these ladies will discuss how chronic stress leads to burnout. They will unpack how to identify burnout, how it impacts our physical and mental health and how self-care and self-compassion help reduce, alleviate and diminish burnout. They will leave you with sustainable practices that you can incorporate into your life to thrive. Join us for a collaborative conversation and some breakout discussions.


Do you feel stuck but struggle to afford therapy? Or are you in therapy and need more structure in how to apply it to your daily life? Toni and Bronwyn have organized and compiled all of their supportive tools, self-reflective journal prompts, and encouraging daily reminders/practices for your self-study.

As full-time business owners, moms and humans we understand there is limited time in the day to integrate self-care and self-exploration. This guide will offer you the space to process and discover at your own pace. If you’re already in therapy, we also highly recommend using it in tandem with your weekly or monthly sessions. A lot is shared and uncovered in therapy, and it can be difficult to remember and track. This guide/workbook can be a reminder and a place to put that information and record the changes you’re experiencing.

The Boost Workbook and Guide includes:

• Easy to integrated mindfulness practices

• Grounding tools

• Varying journal prompts

• Practical opportunities for self-care

• Fillable exercises

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