Steve Daniels shares personal, subconscious experiences that have informed his waking life, and discusses how these experiences can serve as a guide to shaping our beliefs, and deriving individual purpose & meaning from within.

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Steve Daniels is a designer and entrepreneur passionate about healing. His experiences with chronic illness and personal growth have inspired a lifelong exploration of what it means to actualize physically and spiritually. He is a Co-Founder and President at Able Health, whose software helps thousands of doctors earn bonus payments from insurance companies for proving they made their patients healthier. Prior to Able Health, he founded the Better World by Design conference and Makeshift Magazine to advance the field of social impact design. At IBM, he helped start the IBM Design division and led design for the IBM Watson research team. He is a graduate of Brown University and has taught at the School of Visual Arts. When he’s not designing, you can find him writing fantasy, playing capoeira, slapping drums, dancing vogue, making jewelry, brewing herbs, reading tarot, or philosophizing about why he finds any of this meaningful.

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You'll find your spark to be a reliable guide. And it will guide you not from fear or greed but from a place of love—discovering new connections where you once saw divisions and beauty where you once saw banality. And the boundaries of your identity will start to rearrange themselves into the shape of your heart. — Steve Daniels

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