Stephanie, one-half of the project “Dear Data” speaks about gathering data and the insight it gives into our lives.

About the speaker

Each week for a year, Stefanie Posavec in London and Giorgia Lupi in New York sent each other a hand-drawn infographic describing what had happened to them during that week.

Having met only twice, they got to know each other, their cities and themselves through the data they collected around a particular theme: a week of sounds, a week of phone addiction, a week of urban wildlife… Presenting their fifty-two postcards, along with thoughts and ideas about the data-drawing process, *Dear Data is an invitation to slow down, take stock, and draw – an offline approach that uncovers the warm heart at the centre of our everyday data.

Stefanie Posavec is a data designer whose work focuses on non-traditional representations of data derived from language, literature or scientific topics. Often using a hand-crafted approach, her work has been exhibited at, among others, MoMA in New York or the V&A in London.

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