“The most dangerous phrase is ‘we’ve always done it this way’.”

Sophie Rae is the founder of Ripple Living, a zero-waste shop based in Roath, Cardiff. Her take on this month’s theme of End is to tackle the ultimate obstacle to progression: tradition. In this talk, she discusses the many sly and pervasive traditions stopping the world from moving forward and encourages the audience to step out of their comfort zones to make real change happen.

About the speaker

This month’s speaker is Sophie Rae, the founder of not-for-profit zero waste store, ripple. Born in Cardiff, she returned to the city in 2018 to find it not living up to its green city credentials.

Inspired to take action, she lead a successful Kickstarter campaign, which saw £33,313 raised in 13 days, and set upon the task of bringing the first unpackaged store to the capital city. Ripple opened in November 2018 on Albany Road in Roath, and to date has kept close to half a million pieces of single-use plastic out of circulation.

This month’s theme is END, a topic which Sophie has been inspired by to share her thoughts on the traditions that need to be left in the past, the paradigms of business that need to be nurtured and the barriers that need to be broken, to move into a more conscious age of consumerism.

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