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Shawn Hesse is an architect, sustainability consultant, and… zombie expert?

Over the last several years, Shawn has committed his professional life to researching climate change, and his personal life to enjoying all things zombie lore, from movies and books to games and training simulations. And while the risks of climate change are very real, we all know that the risks of the zombie apocalypse are things of fiction… or are they? Resource scarcity, despair, violence, and global catastrophe – all are frighteningly similar to those we face with rampant climate change.

In his CreativeMornings talk on “Risk: Lessons for Today from the Zombie Apocalypse of Tomorrow”, Shawn will share his discovery that, in addition to similar risks, there are similar solutions that can be applied to help save us all.

About Shawn: Shawn leads the Boston office of emersion DESIGN, an architecture and sustainability consulting firm committed to advancing clients that advance society. He works to create buildings and communities that produce more energy than they use, generate clean air and water, and grow healthy habitats… for the living.

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